The Swap

I forgot the old acount details for my last one and already posted the first chapter of this book so had to re post everything on this one. But I am the same person!

Star is normal, right? That is until she is Taken. Taken by other beings! Her memory has been messed with leaving blank spaces but when she comes back all she knows is that mysterious Justin plays a large part in saving her family and ex-boyfriend Damon!


4. Carabosse


Justin smiled down at Star who had been his constant companion for the last four weeks. They would hold hands, hug, kiss… Justin wondered what this made him, Star hadn’t said anything about it yet.

“So proms coming up soon and I wondered if you wanted to go with me?”

Justin asked, he was so nervous but the nerves are replaced with relief as Star breaks into a dazzling smile.

“Of course, I would love too!” She said looking up at him from under thick, black eyelashes.

This was a key part in the plan that Star had concocted so carefully. But as she looked up at him, so innocent, oblivious to the full reason of her being with him the plan isn’t important because she liked Justin. He was so much more than just a piece in their cruel game.

Justin and Star slouched into a couple of chairs at the back of their English class. Star slumped lazily into Justins chest as the teacher switched on a DVD. This was so different to Justin, he thought about the boy who had sat quietly at the back of the class just watching, so jealous of what Damon had. Now it was Damons turn to be jealous, Justin thought smugly.

Justin caught Damon watching Star sorrowfully. As Damon caught Justins eye fire blazed between the two. Justin slung his arm around Star protectively. Star caught the tension hanging around the two, feeling torn.

Star sat at home, alone. Her parents had gone out to dinner with friends and she lounged on the sofa doing last minute pieces of homework between texting Justin.

She was interrupted by the lights flickering and then blacking out completely, leaving her in total darkness.

“A power cut, great!” She thought sarcastically. Fumbling around aimlessly she dug out her dads torch, flipping the switch the torch shot out a strip of yellow light. It was only strong enough to make out outlines of skeletal shapes. Even though she knew the outlines were just the living room furniture it still creeped her out slightly.

She had never been afraid of the dark, only afraid of what was in it!

As she stumbled around in the dark something smoothed brushed against her bare arm…

She sprung back, alarmed because there was someone else in the room! She flung herself onto the sofa shinig the light into every corner.

Suddenly she was grabbed from behind violently and pulled over the back of the sofa by two sets of hands.

She screamed out but a large hand smothered her mouth and muffled her cries for help.

The lights slam back on and the faces of her captures are lit up. The one who’s hand covered her mouth was a boy, he looked a similar age to her. He was pale with floppy red hair and same shade of green eyes as Star. The girl to her horror was the same girl in her painting. She looked down at Star evilly.

“Who are you? What do you want?” Star demanded as the boys hand slips from it’s hold.

“Aww Star, you don’t remember me? I’m offended, we’ve met before!” The girls sarcastic smile makes her shudder. Star searched her memory and came to the sickening conclusion that these had been her kidnappers before. She couldn’t remember everything but she knew that they had a link to her task of handing over Justin to “the other beings”.

“How’s your friend Star? Justin isn’t it?” The girl smirked smugly.

Star glared at her and her laughing face turned serious.

“The fifth of July. You will bring us the boy!” She snarles.

“What if I don’t?” Star answered back indignantly.

“Then Damon will die!” The girl had so much power in her tone. She had the same features as the girl in the painting but the girl captured on the canvas was naiive, innocent the girl in front of her was fierce, evil.

“Who are you?” Star repeated.

“I am Carabosse…” She says proudly and with that the duo vanishes.

The fifth of July. That was the night of prom… exactly a month from now!

Justin or Damon. There was no choice really she had known Damon for years, loved him for years. Justin and her didn’t mean anything, this was all just a part of saving Damon, wasn’t it?

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