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Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


38. Zayn.


** You run into him after the break-up**


No one's P.O.V


You and Zayn were both famous. Since it was the night of the VMA's and you and Zayn were nominated for several awards you both had no choice then to go...


Y/N's P.O.V


I sighed as i pulled on the dress i would be wearing tonight. I turned around to Justin. Yes Justin Bieber. Also Known As my best friend. Jus can you zip it up for me please ?? He stood up and quickly zipped up the dress. Don't worry to much Y/N you're going to be fine he assured me while giving my shoulder a little squeeze. You're probably right.. I guess it's just weird walking into him again.. I know love just act normal and everything will be just fine. Now get yourself done he laughed. I smiled at him as i took one last glanse into the mirror. After i made sure my make-up and hair were just perfect i slipped on my pumps and walked downstairs together with Justin.


Skipping Car Ride.


No one´s P.O.V


You and Justin walked onto the red carpet together. You posed for a few minutes when you saw the boys slowly coming to your spot on the red carpet. Quickly you walked to Justin and pulled him into the building where the VMA´s would be held. You walked to your seats and sat down. Quickly after you both sat down everyone started to walk in, including the boys. You took a sharp breath when you saw them sit behind you two. Justin grabbed your hand and gave it a light squeeze. It´s going to be fine don´t pay attention to him he whispered into your ear. You nodded and squeezed him back. All of a sudden Katy Perry her voice filled the room.


After a few awards and a few songs the award for ´´Best Female´´ You were nominated for this one.


And the winner is.... Taylor Lautner spoke. Y/N Y/B/N! You smiled brightly and stood up. Justin gave you a big hug and you walked to the stage making sure your dress didn´t touch the floor. You smiled and waved at your fans being truly happy. You grabbed the microphone from the man next to the stage and climbed on it. You walked over to Taylor and he gave you a hug and a kiss before handing you the award. You held the award above your head and smiled. All of your fans cheered which made you smile even brighter. Well uuhmm.. I made a speech for this but you know me i´m not good in remembering thing. I laughed before continuing. First of all i want to thank everyone in my team who has helped me here. And my family and friends. In special my bestest buddy. Justin. He smiled and i blew him a kiss taking a quick glance at Zayn. He looked at you with a sad expression on his face. And last but certainly not least of course i want to thank all of my fans who voted for me. I love you guys so much! ThankYou! Everyone cheered and i walked back to my chair with the award. Katy walked on the stage again. A beautifukl award for a beautiful woman she spoke. I smiled at her. And you got a kiss form Taylor Lautner! I really wish i was on your spot there. I laughed and threw one leg over the other. All of a sudden Taylor walked on stage again and planted a big kiss on her cheek. Everyone laughed when he ran of the stage again. Well.. That was unexpected she stated.




When the awardshow was over and you and Justin were about to walk out someone grabbed your arm. Zayn. Can we talk he asked. Eerhm.. Zayn i don't think that's a good.. But before you could finish Zayn dragged him with you behind the building, away from all the camera's. I can't do this anymore he said while running his fingers through his hair. I can't stand you looking so hot everyday and that i am not the one being able to call you mine. I looked up at him but remained quiet. ANd i know i screwed up. I screwed up badly but i can't do this anymore. I miss you Y/N he said in a cracked voice. I grabbed his hand and entertwined our fingers. I pressed my forehead against his and before kissing him i quietly whispered: I forgive you.




** I.AM.SO.SORRY! I haven't updated in forever! But please please please don't be mad at me:((. I now have one hell of an amazing so i don't need one anymore. Who knows ?? Maybe later. Was this long enough ?? Pretty please tell me what you think and give me some feedback. I also need scenario's for either imagines or preferences because i am kind of having a writers block. Loe you all!! **



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