1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


30. Zayn.




Y/N's P.O.V


For the fifth time today i tugged at my floral dress. Stop being so nervous Anna my best friend laughed. Just because One Direction is coming today doesn't mean you have to be this freaked out about it. I grabbed my leather jacket from the chair and put it on. This made my work outfit complete. I know i sighed. I'm just nervous i guess. Just act normal my boss all of a sudden said. I let out a little squeel because he scared. Am i that scary ?? He laughed as he put an arm around my shoulder. No you're not you just scared me Jack. Is everything ready for tonight ?? Yes Jack stop worrying Anna laughed. Okay so Y/N you are serving them. Make sure you are nice and polite. I will i replied i'll make sure they want to come back. That's my girl Jack said and gave my shoulder a little squeeze.



** Half past 8 **


I heard the familiar ring from the door when someone stepped in. I took a deep breath and walked towards their table. Goodevening i said with a smile. I  will be your waitress for the night. Can i interest you guys for a drink ?? Interest me yes. For a drink not so much Zayn said with a wink. I laughed and got all of their orders. When they were all seated for the night me and Anna could just have a talk. 


So what was that about with Zayn ?? What did he say to you she asked with big eyes. I laughed and lightly slapped her. I asked if they were interested in a drink. He said he was interested but in me not in a drink. Ooohhh.. Someone is interested in youu !! She said. I looked at her with a weird face. Like Zayn Malik is ever going to be interested in me ? I laughed. Y/N ?? Jack asked. The boys want to pay. I jumped of the kitchen counter and walked towards the counter. They payed and i wished them a happy evening. Here you go love Zayn said and handed me a note. When they were gone  i quickly opened the note :


** Zayn's number **


Here you go love. Call me sometime i'd love to meet up with you ;)


I smiled at the note and quickly got my phone out to text Zayn.



** Guess who has got summer vacation bitchessss ??!! Yuupppp meee !! Which means more time to update. Give me requestsss. Mwahh !!




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