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23. Zayn.

** Heeyy guys. I will make a Liam imagine soon but i just can't come up with an imagine that fits with Liam. Soo i made one with our Bradford Bad Boi. I chose the scenario that one of you told me. Where you cheat on him with one of the other boys. Hope you guys like it. <33 x **




RINGGGGGGGG My phone alarm buzzed. Oh god no i thought. Another shitty day of work. I truned around to give Zayn a kiss before i got out of bed but i didn't see what i expected to see. It wasn't Zayn. It was Harry. Oh god i muttered. Only then i realized that i was naked and Harry was probably too. I shaked him awkae. Harry !! Wake up !! Now !!. Hmm WHAT ?!! What's going on. He opened his eyes and saw me. Oh no he muttered. We didn't. Oh yes we did i screamed. For god's sake i have a boyfriend. How am i going to tell him ?? Love love slow down we were drunk we both didn't know what we were doing !! He said as he tried to calm me down. I grabbed my underwear and jeans from the floor and quickly dresses. I need to go now i said. I need to go to work. Love just go to work and tell Zayn when you get home he will understand i promise. Besides we both don't know what happened anymore so.. I just need to tell him i sighed. Well bye Harry. Bye Y/N


** Skipping Car Ride **


Whilst i was on my way i had texted Zayn that i crashed at Harry's house last night so he was sure i was okay. I got out of my car and into the little restaurant i worked. Morning i said to everyone at work. Morning they all replied. I quickly grabbed my notebook for the orders and walked to the first costumers. After a while of just taking orders and serving them i heard the door again. I truned around to take his order but they weren't just some normal costumers. These were the two people that i did NOT want here right now and absolutely not together. Harry and Zayn. Oh god i muttered. I took a deep breath and walked to their tables. Morning doll Zayn said as he kissed my cheek. Morning i quitly replied. So you were that drunk last night that you fell asleep at Harry's house ?? He laughed at me. Yeahh.. I was really drunk i said. Well what do you two want i said. The both ordered and i went to the kitchen to get it. Once they got their drinks i went to the kitchen of the restaurant for a second. I got my hair out of the ponytail i made this morning and did it again. Just like i always did when i was enrvous. Are you okay Y/N one of my best friends said. Yeah yeah i'm fine... i quitly replied. No you're not she saidas she jumped on the kitchen counter next to me. Tell me what's up ?? I cheated on Zayn with Harry last night when i was totally waisted i said to her in one breath. What ?!! I know okay i know it's the worst thing i could've ever done. She moved some hair away from her face and looked at me. Do you feel guilty ?? She said. Of course i feel guilty !! I cheated on him with one of his best friends !!. Well tell him then he will understand i know for sure. Thanks F/N (Friends Name) I will. I jumped from the kitchen counter and gave her a quick hug. Then i grabbed my notebook again and finished my shift.


** Skipping car ride **


Zayn !! I'm home i screamed. Right here doll !! I kicked my shoes of and walked into the livingroom. Zayn was laying on the couch just wathcing some TV. Zayn ?? I said with a shaky voice. We need to talk. Sure come here he said. I took my spot next to him. Soo what's up butercup he said and laughed. When i didn't laugh at his goofy joke his smile dissapeard. What's going on love. L-last night when i was with Harry at a club we both got really drunk a-and when i woke up this morning i was naked in his bed... i slowly said. D-did you guys have sex ?? He asked. I think so i said i don't remember last night. I closed my eyes as tears were threatning to fall and waited for any response from him. How could you Y/N Zayn started. N-no Zayn i swear i didn't want to !! It was a mistake a mistake that will never happen again i promise !! Zayn took a deap breath and let out a loud scream after that. I jumped from my spot because his voice was really deep and loud. He grabbed a cup that had been on the coffetable and throwed it against a wall. Then he walked outside and went to sit at the poolside. I went to sit on the couch again and thought what i could do to make him forgive me. Then i remembered Zayn had told me last week that he wanted to go to that new really expensive restaurant nearby the beach. I quickly dialed the number in my phone and made sure there was a spot free. I throwed my phone on the couch and ran outside. Babe ?? Will you please listen to me ?? He looked to the water but nodded. I know you don't trust me anymore but will you please come with me ?? He looked at me with sad eyes. Why would i do that Y/N ?? Give me one reason. Please Zayn just trust me i promise you'll like it. He sighed and stood up. We both got our shoes and coats and walked to my car. I drove to the restaurant and made sure he had his eyes closed. When we were right infront of the restaurant i told him to open his eyes. When he had opened his eyes he looked with wide eyes at me. You really did this for me ?? Of course i did i said. I don't want to lose you Zayn. I love you too much too let you go i said as tears started to form in my eyes. He cupped my face in his hand and said: You will never ever lose me doll. Never. I smiled at and he kissed my forehead. Well let's go for food then i'm starving i laughed. Let's do that he smiled.


** Well.. I hope you guys like it !! Give me more requests and scenario's i love making these !! Love You all x **



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