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Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


18. Zayn for liv_assfghjkl

** Heeeyy Liv. (You didn't give me your name so i assume it's Liv. I really liked your scenario. Hope you like it !! **


Liv's P.O.V


LIV !! Hurry up !! I heard Zayn scream from downstairs. I'm coming be calm i yelled back. Zayn and i were going to the park since it was a hot summer day. You decided to just wear some simple short shorts with a plain white top. You quickly did your hair and make-up and walked downstairs. You saw ayn and your eyes widened. What ?? He asked. You're seriously going to wear that to the park on a hot day like this ?? He was wearing shorts but with probably the hottest sweater that was in his closet. He shrugged and nodded. What wrong with it ?? I sighed and said: Nothing let's just go. He grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers. I smiled at our hands as i noticed they fitted perfect together. Love Zayn said Are you ready to go. Yes i'm sorry i chuckled. We walked to the park nearby our house. When we got there we sat on the swings that were there. We talked for a while about his career and an upcoming tour. UUGGGHHHH... Zayn said all of a sudden i'm hot.  I told you i said. Then out of nowhere he lifted his weater over his head and throwed it into the grass. I looked at his toned and tanned stomach. His V-line was showing and he looked hot. Like what you see Zayn smirked. It's okay i shrugged. It's okay ?? Yess i said it's okay. B-but you always say and i and oohh.. You better run he screamed. I started squeeling and ran away from him. Zayn was (of course) a lot faster than me and had caught me in a few seconds. I was now on the ground and he was on top of me. Say it he said. Say what ?? I asked. Say that my body is good. Never i said. Okay you asked for it. What do you-. Before i could finish my sentence he was tickling me. ZAAAAYN STOP IT NOW i managed to get out between my laughters. Not until you say it. Okay okay fine i will say it. He stopped tickling me and looked at me with his big brown eyes.  Your body is the most perfect body i've ever seen okay there you have it. Happy now ?? Yes i'm happy now Zayn smiled and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck before he could pull away and deepened the kiss. We kissed for a good five minutes and after that Zayn pulled away. How about we take this home ?? He said with a smirk. Let's do that i said.


When we went home Zayn pushed me against a wall and kissed me roughly. My hand were tangled in his hair and his were placed on my waist. We stood there kissing and exploring each other's mouths. Then all of a sudden Zayn picked me up and said : We're taking this up-stairs. When we came upstairs he throwed me on the bed and started kissing me again....



** I think we all know what happened after that... Well Liv i hope you like it. I don't write the dirty parts because 1. I can't write them and 2. Because i feel REALLY uncomfortable with writing dirty imagines about the 1D boys.**



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