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5. Zayn for Denisse

** Wooowwww i'm now getting a lot of comments. THANKYOUU !! I'm trying to work through them all but i'm also thinking about doing preferences in this one. And i want to make another fanfiction so i'm busy so please don't be angry at me for not updating much since i also have got my homework. Also none of you requested Louis. I feel bad for Boo-Bear !! REQUEST HIM !! Haha hope you like it Denisse**



Zayn's P.O.V


Today i was seeing my beautiful girlfriend Denisse again. I really love her but we've just been dating and she's getting lots of hate. So today i decided i was going to take her to Disney land for the whole weekend. She had always toldme how much she loved Disney land. We were going with the boys and their girlfriends. I didn't told her we were going i just told her to pack a suitcase for the whole weekend. Knowing Denisse that would probably not stay with one suitcase. After i finished packing my suitcase the doorbell rang. I opened the door and saw Denisse looking beautiful as always. She gave me a kiss and rolled her suitcase in. After that  there was just her make-up bag. Wow you didn't pack for the whole year good girl i joked while pinching her cheeck lightly. Oh shut up she laughed at me. After we got her and mine suitcases into the bus i had rented she asked me where we were going : Zaaayynn !! Just tell me where we're going !! Nope i said popping the p you will see when we get there. She just sighed. After some time the rest of the boys and their girlfriends arrived we hugged everyone and got their suitcases in the car to. We all got in and of course Louis was driving. I was next to Harry. Denisse was next to Eleanor. Niall was next to Danielle. And Liam was next to Louis. Normally Paul would go with us but Paul had a well deserved week off. While we were driving we just talked with each other and we were all on our phones. Eleanor was making sure Denisse didn't go on twitter to scroll through her mentions. I didn't want the fans to ruin her weekend. When we almost got there we told the girls where we were going since all three of them didn't know. They all loved the idea and were talking about wat they wanted to do. I want to go to the little shops !! They all squeeled at the same time. Jesus girls can you please be quiet i'm getting a headache from you 3 Louis said. Which earned him a smack from Eleanor at the back of his head. OW he screamed. I would've expected a bit more love from my GIRLFRIEND. Eleanor just laughed and gave him a quick kiss at the back of his head. I was looking at Denisse She looked really happy not thinking about the hate and stuff. Then she caught me staring at her. What's wrong Babe she said laughing. Nothing i said just admiring your beauty. She blushed and gave me a kiss. EEEWWWW Harry screamed. GET A ROOM !!. Well we don't have a room here huh Hazz Denisse said while messing with his curls.



When we got there we all got to the house we rented there. We all were in the same house. The girls were the first inside and fighting over the rooms. ZAYN AND ME ARE TAKING THE ROOM WITH THE BALCONY Denisse screamed while runnig to the room. Everyone laughed at her sillyness. Then we heard a loud scream from the room. What's wrong babe i said while walking towards the room. She came running out of the room into my arms. There's a huge spider in the room she said with big eyes. Harry started laughing really loud. That's it he said. He walked in the room and came out with the spider in his hands. He held it close to Denisse her face and she started screaming really loud. GET THAT THING AWAY FROM MEE !!! She said while running away from Harry. Harry just smiled an throwed the spider away. Dnisse came back together with Louis. Louis seemed amused by the whole scene with the spider.


We all got into our rooms to get ready to go into the park. We all had lots of fun with everything that was there. After that we all got home and ate some food. We all got to bed after that.


They all had a lovely weekend spending time with each other. The hate stopped after a few weeks. And Zayn and Denisse got married and had a beautiful baby girl. <33


Hope you liked it Denisse !!


~~~~ -N 

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