1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


25. Preference 4.


** You guys stopped requesting. Why ?? I need your requests !! Please request again. LoveYou x **


** You hate each other but.. **


Harry : I sighed as i zipped up my bag again. Another crappy day at work. I work as One Direction their stylist. A dream job right ?? Well not for me. All the boys are so nice but Harry's such a pig !! He always doubts my talent and NEVER agrees with the clothes i pick for him. I went downstairs and grabbed my carkeys. Then Michael Jackson's Man In The Mirror started playing. I sighed and got my phone out of my bag. I clicked the ''Answer Call'' button and made sure it was on speaker. Hello ?? I said. With the phone in my hand i went to get my shoes. Heeyy Y/N i heard Louis'' cheerfull voice through my phone. Heey Lou what's up ?? We were just going to the studio shall we pick you up on the way ?? Yeah sure i said i will be outside in a bit i just have too put my shoes on. Okay he said. Bye. Bye i said and hung up. I quickly slipped my heels on and grabbed my bag. I walked outside and made sure i locked the door. When i turned around i was already in one of Louis' big hugs. I laughed and hugged him back. Ughh.. Can you two please stop being like that Harry screamed. We need to go NOW !! I sighed and pulle dout of the hug. Don't listen too him love Louis said and rubbed my back. We drove to the studio and went into their dressingroom. I quickly dressed all of the boys and made sure they were out to the interview. Last Harry came in. I sighed and turned around. I grabbed the clothes i picked for him and gave them too him. I know you will probably not like these but i think they will look really good on you. He shrugged and just pulled the clothes on. I looked at him in shock. You're not going too say anything about how awful they are ?? He shrugged and walked towards me. I don't know what it is he said. What what is ?? I asked confused. You do things too me that no one has ever done. Whenever we are in the same room i feel different. It's strange but i like it. Harry i.. I started but couldn't finish. He pushed his lips on mine and pulled me closer. After a few seconds i gave in and throwed my arms around his neck. I feel the same way about you i said after i pulled away. He smiled and hugged me. Well Y/N will you then please do me the honor of being my girlfriend ?? He asked. I would love too i smiled. He kissed me again. Then Zayn came in. Eerhmm.. Harry we are having a -. Woops sorry lovebirds he smirked i will just come back later. Harry throwed a pillow to Zayn's head. I guess i need to go he said. I smiled at him. He gave me a kiss on my forehead and walked away with Zayn.


** I only did Harry bc i didn't know if you guys would like it. Tell me what you thinka and if i need to update the other 4 boys too. **




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