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19. Preference. 3


** You tell him you're pregnant and he leaves ** ** I'll only do two today. Which will be Harry & Louis. If you guys like it i'll make the other three to. **


Harry: Harry. Yes babe he said. We need to talk. I walked too the window and didn't know how to tell him. Sure what's up. I-I'm pregnant Harry i said as tears started to form in my eyes. And it's your baby. I turned around and saw a shocked look on his face. Harry ?? Aren't you going to say anything ?? I-i can't do this Y/N i'm sorry. I can't have a baby in the situation i am in now. HOW CAN YOU SAY THAT ?? It's your fucking child. You can't just leave me. I-i'm sorry Y/n i just can't do it. And with that he walked out of the door. I stood there in disbelief and after a few moments the tears were streaming down my face. I fell to the ground and started crying. How could he. How could he just leave me. With a child his child for god's sake. I grabbed my phone from the coffeetable and texted Eleanor: El can you please come over here. I need you right now. xx.

Within a few minutes i got a text back: Yes of course i'll be there in a few. xx

After about 5 minutes i heard a knock on the door. It's open i screamed. She came in and saw that i was crying and quickly slid next to me. She comforted me into a hug. Y/N what's wrong ?? He left me Eleanor. WHAT ?? She screamd. WHY ?? Because i'm pregnant and he can't handle a child with his career. He's a dick Eleanor spat. I know i sighed resting my head on her shoulder. We sat there talking for a few minutes about how i'm going to raise the baby. Then Harry stormed in. I stood up and walked to the door. What do you want ?? I'm sorry Y/N I shouldn't have left you. I'm so sorry i just got scared when you told me i was going to be a dad will you please forgive me. He looked at me with pleading eyes. You promise you will never leave again ?? Never ever i promise he quickly said. I smiled at him and kissed him. Of course i forgive you Styles i love you. I love you too Y/N so much....



Louis: I'm pregnant Lou i said. What do you mean you're pregnant ?? Well just as i say Louis. I'm pregnant and it's your child. That's impossible he said We always do it with protection. I knew you just screwed around with that Jake (Random name) guy. WHAT ??!! EXCUSE ME YOU'RE THE ONLY THAT HAS EVER CHEATED. This is your fucking child !! No that''s not my child. He stood up from the couch and walked to the door. So you're just going to leave me with this baby ?? Well since it can't be mine and you probably did cheat on me. Yes i'm going to leave you he spat. You're a dick !! how am i supposed to take care of a child on my own ?? Well i don't know why don't you go and call Jake and ask him what he thinks. YOU'RE A FUCKING DICK LOUIS TOMLINSON. Then he slapped me. Hard. Across the face. I grabbed my face and ran upstairs. Then i heard a door slam and i knew he was gone. That was were i broke down crying. The guy i love to death just slapped and left me alone with a fucking baby. I cried for half an hour when i heard a door. Then someone came upstairs. I knew it was Louis but i didn't turn to him. Y/N will you please listen to me for a second he whispered. I stood up and walked over to him. Why should i Louis you just blaimed me for cheating on you and saying i'm carrying someone other than your's chil- Beofre i could finish Louis crashed his lips on mine. After a few seconds i gave in and kissed him back. When we both pulled away he pulled me into a huge hug. He barried his head in my hair. I'm so sorry Y/N I never should've left or slapped you. I just was overwhelmed with the idea that i was going to be a dad. It's okay Lou i mumbled in his chest. No Y/N It's not okay. And i promise i'll do anything to make you forgive me.


** Well i hope you guys liked these Comment if you want me to finish it. **



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