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20. Preference. 3 (2/2)

** Well you guys seemed to like the ''You tell him you're pregnant and he leaves'' preference so i'll finish it :D. Keep requestion guys. I'll try to make them. Hope you enjoy this one :D. **


Liam: How am i going to tell him Perrie ?? Just tell him love she answered. I'm scared.. What if he leaves me ?? He won't i'm sure. Then i heard a door. Perrie he's home i need to go. Okay Babe love you. Love you too. And with that i clicked the ''End Call'' button on my IPhone. Heey Babe Liam said and kissed me. Hey Liam. How was your day ?? Ohh.. It was okay just recording and discussing stuff. It was a bit dull he said. What about you ?? Eerhm.. Liam i need to tell you something i said with tears behind my eyes. Sure what's up buttercup. He laughed at his own joke. I'm pregnant Liam. His laughing soon faded. YOU'RE WHAT ?? I.am.pregnant Liam. But how and when and... he stumbled. I don't know Li. Then his face hardened. I can't do this. I can't be a dad i've got a career and having a child doesn't fit that. But what are we going to do about it ?? I asked him. We no no you. This is your child. Not mine. MY child ?? You're the one who got it in to me ?? He didn't say anything but just walked out of the door. I fell to the ground with my head in my hands and started crying. I kept whiping my tears away but they kept streaming down my face. Then my phone rang. I picked it up and heard it was Perrie. How did it go ?? She screamed into the phone. He left i told her crying even harder. WHAT ??!! What sort of boyfriend does that he a fucking prick she screamed. I didn't notice Liam came back in and since my phone was on speaker he had heard everything. I know i am a fucking prick he said in a soft voice with tears in his eyes. I quickly told Perrie i would call her later and hung up. I-i'm so sorry Y/N i shouldn't have left i hope you can forgive me. Of course i can Liam i said and kissed him.


Niall: Niall i'm pregnant i said. You're what ?? P-pregnant but how is that even fucking possible he started and i could hear his voice getting louder. We did it with protection all the time. You're on birth control for god's sake !! I know and i also don't know how it happened but it happened and we can't turn it back now can we ?? I said also getting angry. I am not ready to be a father i can't do this Y/N i really can't i'm so sorry. And with that he ran off. I heard a door bang. I fell to the floor crying, well sobbing. A sort of sobbing that i couldn't stop. How could he just leave me. I'm pregnant for god's sake. With HIS child. How am i supposed to raise this child on my own ?? That's impossible. I can't raise a child on my own !! After a few minutes i felt two arms wrap around me and they pulled me in. I knew it was Niall. What are you doing i said between the sobs. You said you couldn't handle being a father and you went away. I never went away love. I just couldn't i slammed the door but i was inside. And when i heard you sobbing i just knw that i couldn't just leave i'm so sorry Y/N i want to try it. I'll try as hard as i can if you still want me. I stopped sobbing and rested my head on his shoulder. Of course i want Nialler of course.


** Note to Jessica__Malik. I saw your comment about how you want to be in the Louis one with your name. But since i allready wrote the Louis one and i saw the Malik in your name i figured you like Zayn also a lot so i thought i will just do her with Zayn. So here you go Jessica hope you like it. **


Zayn: Babe ?? Zayn asked. Yesss Zayn ?? I answered and turned to him. My face hardened when i saw him holding a pregnancy test. MY pregnancy test. What's this Jessica ?? That's a pregnancy test obviously i said. DON'T FUCK AROUND     JESSICA FOR GOD'S SAKE. His sudden anger scared me and tears formed in my eyes. Are you pregnant or not ?? He asked me with a look in his eyes that i had never seen before. It was a look full of anger and hurt ? I looked to the ground. JESSICA ANSWER ME FOR GOD'S SAKE. Yes Zayn i'm pregnant is that what you wanted to hear. I.am.pregnant. And it's YOUR child, I looked at him. He threw the pregnancy test to the floor and ran off. He throwed the door behind him and i jumped a little from the loud bang. I started crying and lent against the kitchen counter with my head in my hands. After a few minutes i had controlled my crying a bit and grabbed the pregnancy test from the floor and threw it into the garbage can. I grabbed a drink and went to sit at the kitchen table. I just stared at nothing but the blank wall.  I clenched my hands around my glass and started thinking: How am i supposed to take care of a child on my own. It was impossible right ?? I needed Zayn. I really neede him. I love him. I started crying again. Y/N i heard a soft voice say. Are you okay ?? I stood up and walked to him. NO ZAYN I AM NOT OKAY. How could you. This is your child and you just leave !! I-i. DON'T COME WITH THE I'M SORRY'S WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING HERE I THOUGHT YOU DID NOT W-. Before i could finish Zayn was kissing and i couldn't help but giving in. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged em tight. I'm so sorry Jessica I don't want you to leave me. Please don't i need you. I need you so bad. I won't Zayn. I won't leave you.


** Well i hope you guys liked this one too. What did you think of it Jessica ?? Please still give me requests i love making these. LoveYou all X **



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