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14. Preference 2.



You caught him cheating on you (1/2)


Harry: You and your best friend Kelsey were just walking out of the cinema room. You two watched the new film Spring Breakers. Harry was also supposed to go but he said he needed to go to the studio. You were sad he couldn't come but you  knew when you two started dating this would happen so you didn't mind. You and Kelsey were just talking in the hall about the film for a few minutes when she gasped. What ?? You asked her. Don't look behind you she told you. You of course turned around and saw a curly haired boy snogging a blonde girl. She was in his arms and he had pushed her against a wall. When you looked a little closer you saw that it was Harry. Your face turned into a pokerface as you walked towards him. Kelsey grabbed your wrist. Don't Boo don't she said. He isn't worth it. You  wiggled out of her grip and started walking towards Harry. You lightly tapped his shoulder. He groaned and turned around. When he saw you his face went white. Beofre he could say a single word you said: You know they have things called beds for this kind of things. You should thing of using one. Y/N he said with a guilty face. I-i. Don't Harry we're over you said before walking off. When you were back at Kelsey you felt Harry looking at ou. That was when it was too much you started sobbing. Not here babe not here Kelsey said. She gave Harry a dirty look grabbed your waist as you both walked out.


Louis: You got home from work early today to surprise Louis. You walked into your shared house and put your bag on the table. Louis Babe i'm home you screamed. There was no response from Louis which made you think he just wasn't home yet. He did this all the time when he knew you were going to be home late. You were a bit dissapointed but you understood. You grabbed a drink and put on the tv. Your favourite program was on so you decided to watch that. After a few minutes you heard something coming from upstairs. It sounded like moaning. You silently walked upstairs to where the noise was coming from. It came from your bedroom. You opened the door and saw Louis in bed with a brunette. You gasped as tears started to form in your eyes. Louis heard you gasp and quickly tried to hide the girl under the sheets. Don't worry Louis you said I already saw her. And with that you stormed off. Whn you were downstairs you heard Louis coming down the stairs with his boxers on. Babe please don't leave i don't know what i did i love you he said with tears streaming down his face. You grabbed your bag and bumped through him. Maby you should've thought of that before you screwed that bitch ! We're over You said and hit the door behind you. You got into your car and drove to an hotel.


Zayn: You and Zayn had been dating for about two years now. You two had your ups and downs but you loved him and he loved you. You walked into the recording studio where you and Zayn would meet. You went straight to their recording booth and saw Harry Louis Niall and Liam sitting on the floor. Where's Zayn ?? You asked them. We don't know Harry said. Just come sit with us he will probably be here in a few minutes. Eerhm... Thanks but no i will go look for him you said. That's okay love Niall said. With that you walke dout of the door and went to Zayn's dressing room. When you walked in there you saw Zayn but not the way you wanted to see him. He was on top of a blonde girl. ZAYN ??!! You screamed with tears streaming down your face. Y/N He started don't even think about it you said. We're over. And with that you stormed out. You ran down the hallway and bumped into Louis. He saw you were crying. Babe what's wrong ?? Why don't you ask him you said. Or that bitch he was about to screw. Heeyy Babe calm down he said. You shaked your head and ran out of the door to your house.


Liam: You got home from work just like everyday. You were extremely tired and just wanted to cuddle with your long time boyfriend Liam. Even though Liam had been acting weird the last time you loved him a lot. You walked trough the door and throwed your coat to the floor along with your scarf and bag. You walke din the living room and saw Liam laying on top of a brunette. You started crying immediatly and Liam came from the girl. Babe please listen to me this is not what it looks like. Well it looks like you were about to screw that girl over there but i don't know why don't you tell me you said sarcastic. Babe please i-i. Save it Liam we're over. Babe please don't i love you. You should've thought of that before you made out with her. I will come pick up my stuff later. You grabbed your coat and bag and stormed out.


Niall: Niall and you had been dating for about 3 years now. You two were engaged and you were really happy with him. After a day of die hard shopping with Danielle you both went home. When you walked into your house you throwed the bags along with your coat to the floor and screamed: Niall babe i'm home !! You didnt't hear a response and went upstairs to go look for him. When you went into your bedroom you saw Niall snogging a blonde girl. NIALL !!! You screamed with the tears already streaming down your face. Babe i-i please i don't know what i'm even doing here. Well i know you screamed. You were about to screw that bitch !! Listen chick i'm not a bitch i didn't even know he had a girlfriend. SHUT UP !! You screamed at the girl. I'm not his girlfriend i'm his fiance. Or at least i was. You slipped the ring off your finger and throwed it at Niall. You stormed downstairs again grabbed your coat and bag and drove to Danielle her house.


* Heeeyyy Guysss tell me what you think of this chappiee !! I will update part two of this probably tomorrrow. I love you all. X

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