1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


15. Preference 2. (2/2)



Preference 2. (2/2) 


Harry: It had been two months since you and Harry broke up. You had lived with your best friend Kelsey. Kelsey decided that today should be the day that you needed to go out again. You didn't want to but knew it was the best for you. You got out of bed and throwed on a white skinny jean short shorts. Together with a pink tank top that said:  BOOM ! You were going to make Harry jealous. Since you knew there would be lots of paparazzi you did your make-up just perfect You wanted him to regret every sngle minute of the cheating. You grabbed your phone purse and sunglasses. You and kelsey walked to the mall since she lived near the mall. When you got there there was LOTS of papparazzi. You quick pasted a huge smile on your face and walked in the mall. After a good 2 hours of shopping you and Kelsey decided that it was time for a coffe. You walked in the first Starbucks you saw and ordered your usual. You two sat and talked when you heard familiair voices. You heard Louis voice saying: C'mon Harry just snap out of it. Harry sighed. C'mon dude we're going to get a coffee and you're going to have an amazing day Zayn said. Okay then Harry said. Shit you cursed under your breath. You can do this babe you don't need him Kelsey said. Y/N Louis exclamed. You and Louis always had been good friend. Lou you smiled. You stood up and gave him a quick hug. You saw Harry standing behind him. Hi Harry you smiled. Heyy love Harry whispered. Then out of nowhere he started rambling about how sorry he was and that he never emant to hurt you. You started chuckling. What ?? he asked. You're funny when you're rambling. You walked up to him and kissed him. First he was in shock but then he kissed you back. You both pulled away. does that mean i'm forgiven he says with a cheeky smie. No you said. You have a lot of make-up work to do. He laughed and kissed you again.


Louis: You walked out of your hotel room just like every day. You had lots of make-up on your face because without it you looked terrible. You had been a mess since you found out Louis was cheating on you. You walked downstairs and gave the key to the girl at the reception. You grabbed your  sunglasses and put them on since there were lots of papparazzi outside. As soon as you came outside camera's started flashing and questions were thrown to your head. You walked with your head down to your car. You grabbed your car keys and drove away. When you came at work (You were Little Mix's stylist) you immediatly walked to their dressing room. Morning girls !1 You said and gave them a smile. You threw your sunglasses to the table and gave them a hug. When you looked up you saw Zayn sitting on the sofa. Heey Zayn you said a little curious while giving him a hug. What's up ?? Louis has been a mess lately he doesn't eat anymore and doesn't want to do anything anymore. And seeing the huge amount of make-up on your face and Perrie telling me everyday you're really sad i think i can say you miss him too. By this time you were crying. Zayn gave you a comforting hug and said: How about we go to him and you two talk ?? You nodded your head and wiped your tears away. You two came into the recording booth and Louis ran up to you.  Y/N I'm so sorry i should've never cheated on you it was the biggest mistake ever. I love you so much. Please forgive me i'll never do this-. Before he could finish his sentence he was cut off by your lips on his. I love you too Lou you laugh.


**Sorry guysss !! I need to go i'll make the rest this weekend or next week !! Hope you like thesee !!**

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