1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


7. Preference 1.


**You 2 fight and make it up to each other.*


Harry : Jesus Y/N can you act normal for one fucking minute. Excuse me !! You yelled who's the one acting childish all day !! Oh i'm sorry i am trying to be a good boyfriend to you !! Other than you just acting stupid like you don't care all day !! Those words hurt you tears start to form in your eyes and you run upstairs falling onto your bed crying. After a few minutes Harry comes in. He lays next to you and says: I'm sorry Y/N i didn't mean to say those things to you i was just being stupid. Please forgive me ?? You turned to Harry and saw he had been crying to. Harry wiped your tears away and apologized again. No it was my fault you say i am just tired i guess. I'm sorry for.... You weren't able to finish because you were being cut off by Harry's soft lips on yours. You didn't do a single thing he whispers. I love you Y/N. And i love you Harry you say and give him another kiss.


Louis: You and Louis had some fights but they were never really worse but this time it was different Louis wasn't being his own goofy self and all he would do was bothering you. OKAY LOUIS THAT'S IT CAN YOU PLEASE BE NORMAL FOR A FUCKING SECOND You scream. Excuse me !! He yelled You'e the one who isn't listening to a single word i say !! The only thing you can talk about is about yourself !! Well maby you should just go back to Eleanor if i'm such a bad girlfriend !! You scream. WELL MABY I SHOULD He screamed. At least she cared about the things i said. You stood there in disbelief you didn't think any longer and walked out of the back door into the garden. You sit next to the pool and cry. Inside you hear Louis smashing something against the wall. After about 10 minutes he comes outside and sits next to you. He's got bloody hands from smashing probably a vase at the wall. You get his hand and quickly clean it with the water of the pool. Why are you being so nice he says quietly i'm a pain in the arse and you just help me. That's because i love you silly you say and give him a kiss.


Zayn: JESUS ZAYN !! I ASKED YOU ONE THING ONE FUCKING THING !!! Well i'm sorry i just wanna go home to see my GIRLFRIEND when i'm done with work !!! And sorry i'm not thinking about returning some stupid dress. Well maby you should care !! You scream at him. FOR GOD'S SAKE IF YOU'RE GOING TO BE A PAIN IN THE ARSE ALL DAY THEN JUST LEAVE !! He screamed. Those words hit you tears started streaming down your face. You tried to wipe them away but they kept coming. Baby Zayn said walking towards you wanting to pull you in a hug. But you pushed him away and ran upstairs. You grab a bag and start throwing random things in it. After 2 minutes Zayn comes in. He walks towars you grabbing your wrist and cupping your head in his arms. He looks you straight in th eye. His eyes are full of guilt. Baby he whispers while stroking your cheek with his thumb. I'm so sorry i was just frustrated i forgot to return the dress because i wanted to see you. It's okay you whisper and kiss him.


Niall: HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE YOU WHEN YOU'RE CLEARLY SNOGGING THAT GIRL !! You scream at Niall. GOD Y/N CAN'T YOU SEE THAT'S PHOTOSHOPPED !! How am i supposed to know that when a different rumour about you cheating on me comes on every single fucking day !! You scream. JESUS Y/N WHY ARE YOU SO STUPID !!! He screams. That was it for you. You storm upstairs and fall on your bed crying. Then Niall comes in. What do you want you say. You want to tell me again how stupid i am ?? Go ahead !! Niall is just quiet. I didn't mean it he stutters almost crying. He comes to sit next to you. I-i'm sorry he says now crying to. No i'm sorry you say pulling him into a hug. It's just hard when a different rumour is always there. I know and i'm sorry he says. You kiss him. I'm sorry Ni. No i'm sorry Y/N I love you. I love you to you say


Liam: Y/N please open the door !! Let me explain please. You and Liam just had the biggest fight ever. He had hit you. You had now locked yourself in the bathroom and you were not planning to get out of it. Y/N !! Leam said while punching. Open the goddamn door !! For you to do what hit me again you screamed at the door crying even more. Please Y/N i didn't mean to hit you. I love you you know that. Then why would you hit me you said with a broken voice quietly opening the door. Liam runs in and slides next to you comforting you while you're crying. He strokes your hair and he tells you how much he loves you and  how sorry he is. After a few minutes you look up and see he's crying to. I'm so sorry Babe he says. You say nothing and just kiss him



* Tell me what you think !! Should i go on with Preferences or not ?? Also follow me on twitter @KnoopsNynke my account is dedicated to the beautiful Eleanor Calder <33*

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