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3. Nialler For Lily Rose <3


** Hope you like it Lily you gave me A LOT of information.. Thanks for that :D **



Niall's P.O.V


Today Lily was coming over again. I love her more than anything she's beautiful smart and eats a lot just like me. She's perfect. After some time i heard the door and knew it was Lily. I opened the door with a smile. But it was not the Lily i expected to see she was crying. I quickly pulled her into  a comforting hug and closed the door. What's wrong baby why are you crying i said while rubbing her back. The hate Niall it's just getting to much they are all telling me how ugly i am and that you deserve much better and they're right she said. What ??!! You seriously believe those things i say while cupping her face. You're perfect in every single way okay i said. Don't listen to them listen to me you're not here to please my fans okay ?? She looked up at me and smiled You're right she said while pecking my lips. Thank you Nialler you're the best i love you. I love you to baby. 



Lily's P.O.V


After everything Niall said he grabbed blankets Never Say Never by Justin Bieber the Hunger Games and lots of food. Then he motioned me to come to the couch. WE both got under the blankets and i cuddled into him. We watched movies and stuff the whole day i knew for sure i had the most perfect boyfriend in the whole world and i loved him with all my heart. <3




No One's P.O.V


The hate stopped after a few weeks. Niall kept saying in interviews and on twitter how much he loved Lily with all his heart and that the fans should be happy for him.


Hope you like it Lily !! <33 Tell me what you think !!



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