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21. Niall.

** Okayy.. So guys i've seen the comments about having a fight and then he slaps you. I really liked the idea !! ThankYou for that !! I would love to make a Preference about it but that would be a LONG preference so i decided to make an imagine instead. LoveYou all x **


Niall's P.O.V.


Okay so you guys all understand ?? Simon asked us. Everyone nodded. Okay then i suggest we all go home he said. AGREED i screamed and walked out of the door. The other boys followed soon. You missed her didn't you mate Harry said as he slapped my shoulder. I did i smiled. I can't wait to go home. Well let's go then Louis said. We all walked to our cars and drove home.


**Skipping car ride**


Y/N Babe i'm home i screamed as i kicked my shoes off. I walked into the livingroom and saw her crying on the couch with a magazine in her hands. Ohh... Here we go again another rumour of me cheating on her. Babe what's wrong i asked. I think you know what's wrong Niall it's another rumour. I'm getting tired of these and you have been acting weird lately. That's were i got angry. You do not seriously believe these things do you ?? I don't know anymore Niall. There's a different rumour every week and it's hard not too believe them. Oh for god's sake Y/N !! SOMETIMES YOU'RE SO STUPID. That was out before i realised and my face softened and i looked at the ground. OH SO I AM STUPID ?? I'M SORRY IT'S HARD TOO BELIEVE WHEN YOU'RE ON THE FRONT OF A MAGAZINE CLEARLY SNOGGING THAT SLUT !! She throwed the magazine to my head and walked to the kitchen. I throwed the magazine to the floor and chased after her. She was with her back against the kitchen counter. Her arms were crossed and she looked really angry. Who was it ?? She hissed at me. What do you mean i asked confused. DON'T FUCK AROUND NIALL !! Who is the girl ?? I DIDN'T CHEAT ON YOU i screamed. WHY CAN YOU NOT BELIEVE THAT ?? Look at the fucking magazine Niall it's so clear you are snogging that slut. I DID NOT CHEAT ON YOU !! Oh my god Niall !! JUST ADMIT IT ALREADY !! That's were i lost it. Before i even knew it my hand was on her cheek. I had slapped her. I had slapped the girl i loved to death. She grabbed ehr cheek and her eyes filled with tears. Y/N i-i'm so sorry i just.. Leave it Niall she said and stormed off.




Leave it Niall i said and ran off to my car. I started the car and drove to Harry's house. Harry had been my best friend since 2 years and he introduced me and Niall to each other.


**Skipping car ride**

I got out of my car and knocked on Harry's door. Tears were streaming down my face when he opened the door. He quickly pulled me into a hug and pulled me inside. He burried his head in my hair and tried to calm me down. Sshh... Y/N Slow down what's wrong it's okay calm down sweetheart. Niall slapped me i cried in his chest. HE DID WHAT ??!! I whinced at him screaming. I'm sorry babe. C'mon we're going to the living room. I sat on the couch and he grabbed a glass of water for me. I sipped it and then put it on the coffeetable. So tell me what was going on ?? Harry asked. Well there was this magazine that said that Niall cheated on me and there was this picture on the front of the magazine where he was clearly snogging that girl. The magazine said that it had happened last saturday. And Niall didn't come home last saturday night. We had a fight about it and he slapped me. But Babe Niall was at my place the whole Saturday night. we went clubbing and he crashed out at my place. He didn't leave my side the whole night. I looked at him in shock. So your telling me that i just had a huge fight with my boyfriend over nothing ?? I should've seen it. Now i lost him. I can't lose him Harry !! You won't lose me Babe. Photoshop can do a pretty good job. I looked up and saw Niall in the dooropening with red puffy eyes from crying. I stood up and ran to him. We crashed into a hug. I'm so sorry Niall i should've believed you when you said you didn't cheat on me. It's okay baby i shouldn't have slapped you. We hugged for a while and then we both pulled away. I love you Y/N. I love you too Niall i said and kissed him. Eerhm.. Guys ?? How sweet this little moment may be i'm REALLY hungry so i suggest we go out for dinner Harry said. Let's do that Niall said as he grabbed my hand.


** Well i hope you guys like it !! Tell me what you think of this one !!**



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