1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


4. Niall For Alexis Nicole


** Hope you like it Alexis !!**


Alexis's P.O.V


Today was finally the day that i was going to meet Niall's family. Niall and i flew to Ireland 2 days ago and we were staying in a hotel. I got up early this morning to get ready since i wanted to make a good impression. Niall and i had been dating for 1 year secretly he first wanted me to meet his parents before he would tell his fans. As i slowly got up i  was thinking wat i would wear today. We were going to the park and it was hot so probably something casual. I sat infront of my suitcase not knowing what to wear when Niall sneaked behind me lightly kissing my neck. Don't worry he said they will love you i know for sure. You let out a big sigh. I'm just really nervous you say while grabbing white shorts with a blue flowerly top that would go along with the new blue sandals Niall got me last week. I quickly put my outfit on and curled my hair. After i applied some make-up i walked into the kitchen were Niall was eating his breakfast. I gave him a quick kiss and grabbed a bowl and some cereal. I sat next to him and started eating my food whilst talking to Niall. When we both finished our food we got into the car to the house of Niall's parents.



**Skipping car ride**


When i walked out of the car i was attacked by Niall's siblings. I laughed as i picked one of them up. Hewwo she said to me. Hello little one i'm Alexia who are you ?? I'm Dwemi she said (Just a random name sorry !!) Heeyy Demi Niall said as he lightly kissed her forehead. Hii uncle Nwiall she said. I see you already met Alexia ?? You like her ?? Ywes i love herw she said. That's good Niall said while getting her from me and walking inside. When we got in i saw Niall's mum dad and brother with his wife. I introduced myself to all of them and played for a while with Demi. After a while we went to the park and ate something there. We all played Hide and Seek with Demi and after that we played volleyball. I was in the team with Niall's  mum and Greg's wife. Niall was in a team with his dad and Greg. Demi was playing on the grass with one of her dolls. We played for a while and my team won. Ha we told them women always win we're just the best !! Niall tackled me to the ground and landed on top of me. What did you just say there babe ?? well i told you women are better than guys and we always win you said with a huge smile. Not agreed he said while kissing me and helping me up again. You made a great choice Nialler Greg said. Everyone agreed with Greg. I told you they would love you Niall said while kissing my neck.



Hope you like it Alexis !!


~~ -N


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