1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


35. Louis.


** Well.. Guys i'm back again. Thankyou all so much for respecting me with leaving for a few days. What did y'all think of the co-owner she's great right ?? I still miss Cory like crazy but i think i am ready for writing imagines again. So i apologize if they aren't very good. What did you guys think of " Best Song Ever " ?? I LOVED it! **



Louis' P.O.V


So guys. The important news i wanted to tell you guys was: We are going on tour again! All of the boys cheered except for me. My face turned into pure horror. What's up Lou ?? You always love going on tour right ?? Liam sked while nudging me. We just came back i stumbled. I missed Y/N like crazy and now we're going again. I can't and i sure as hell don't want to leave her again i said while raising my voice. Louis calm down Simon said. Y/N is coming with us just like the other girlfriends. I sighed happily. Can we go home now ?? Niall asked. I'm hungry. Everyone laughed at Niall. Sure go Simon said. We all stood up and went home. 


** Skipping Car Ride **


When i came home i became kind of nervous. What if she didn't want to go on tour with us ?? I shaked it off and walked into the livingroom. Hey She cheerfully said as she stood up and gave me a kiss. Before she could pull away i grabbed her arms and pulled her into another kiss. She smiled when she pulled away and looked into my eyes. What's wrong Lou ?? I took a deep breath and spoke up. We need to go on tour again but you can come with us i quickly spoke. I looked down at her hoping for a good reaction. She pulled me into a hug. That's amazing Louis. I would love to! I love you i sighed and placed my chin on her head. She cuddled deeper into me and mumbled the same.


** Sorry it was so short! i ran out of ideas! **

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