1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


13. Louis.





Finally you thought the last bell of the schoolday rang. You quickly grabbed your bag and throwed it around your shoulder. You and your BFF walked out of the door. You two talked when you walked to your car. You throwed your bag in the back and so did your BFF. You quickly drove to Starbucks, you two went there everyday after school. When you got out of your car you didn't grab your bag, just your money and phone. I need to make a quick call Boo (Your nickname for your best friend). Kay kay she said. I will go order your usual ?? You nodded. You typed in the number of one of your closest friends. She was going to an One Direction cocert tonight since she loved them so much and they were in town. You hated them. They were just wrong in every single way. You clicked the call button and held your IPhone against your ear. When you were waiting for her to answer you drawed little circls on the table. Your friend finally answered. Heyy babe you said. You're excited for tonight ?? Of course !! She screamed. You laughed at her reaction. You talked to her for a few minutes when your BFF came back with your coffees. She gave you the coffee and you mouthed ''Thank You'' to her. She smiled. You hang up and you and your BFF talked about the day. Then completely unexpected she gasped. What's wrong  ?? You said. Look behind you she answered. You looked behind you and you saw One Direction coming in Starbucks. Oh god no you whispered. What's wrong ?? Your BFF said. I HATE them remember ?? The boys ordered their coffes but there was no free table since you and your BFF had more than enough room for 5 they came to you two. You sighed and thought : OH HELL NO. But  you decided to stay calm and nice. The one with brown hair and blue eyes which i thought was Louis spoke up. Can we please sit here there's no other table and the fans are everywhere. He gave you one of his famous smiles. You smiled back at him and said that it was okay for them to sit here. Oh god here we go you thought. Louis sat next to you and the others also found a place at the round table. But the boys weren't what you expected them to be at all. They were really nice !! Especially Louis. Louis layed his hand on yours. You smiled at him and he smied back. You all talked and had a great day but then there were fans outside yelling things like : Get off my man you slut !! Just ignore them Zayn said. They're a bit jealous. Harry smirked. They're always like this don't worry about it. Then Niall gasped. Dude what's wrong ?? Liam asked. The concert is starting in an hour we need to get ready !! SHIT !! Zayn screamed. Let's go quick hurry !! Wait a second ouis said. He quickly gave you a pen. Can i have your number ?? Sure you said as you quickly wrote your number down. I'll text you he said before running out. That night after the concert Louis send you a text if you wanted to go on a date with him. On this question you happily agreed.

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