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Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


8. Louis for Jade.

** Hii Jade you're the first one to comment with Louis !! Thankyou !! I love the scenario you picked :D Hope you like it !! <33 X**



Jade's P.O.V


Aargh... I thought another stupid day at college. I pulled my purple blue hair in a ponytail and walked out of starbucks grabbing my IPhone out of my bag. I quickly typed to my best friend to hold a chair for me in the cafeteria since i was going to be late again. I was almost going to send the text when i bumped into someone and my IPhone fell. Oh my god watch out i yelled out of frustration picking up my IPhone. I got up and looked in some blue eyes. Then i realised who he was : Louis Tomlinson from One Direction the band that i hated ! I'm sorry i said just frustrated. No i'm sorry Louis said It was my fault. I'm Louis he said giving me a warm smile. I'm Jade i said and smiled at him. Look i really have to go now i said I have college. I'll walk you there he said. Eerhm.. Okay i said thinking in my head why can't this boy just go away. 


On our way to college we talked about a lot of things and i got to know hem better. I realised he wasn't that bad.. When we got there he asked for my number and i gave it.


I was now in class it was so boring !! This teacher just kept on talking and talking and talking. Eerhm... Miss can i go to the bathroom for a second ?? Yeah sure she said going on with her conversation. When i was on the toilet i got myphone and opened the message.


From: Unknown Number

Heeyy Jade Louis here.. I was just wondering if you are up for dinner and a movie tonight ??

X Louis.


I texted him back:


Yeah sure. Sounds like fun shall we meet at  River Cafe ?? X


After a while i got a text back that that was alright. Since i needed some time to get ready i went to the principal and told him i didn't feel good. So i could go home. I got my bag from class and went home. when i was home i decided i would wear a light pink strapless and quit short dress. Witch would go perfectly together with the nude pumps i got. After i slipped my outfit on i did my make-up i decided to wear not much make-up. Just a light foundation some eyeshadow mascara eyeliner and a lipplumper. When i was done the doorbell rang and there was Louis in nice washed jeans a white top and white sneakers. You look beautiful he said and gave me a kiss on my cheek. He got my hand and we walked hand in hand to the restaurant that wasn't far from my house.


We both had a lovely night with dinner and a great movie afterwards. Louis was not at all what i expected he would be. He was a really nice guy. When we finished the movie he walked me home and went home after that. We texted the whole night and i knew this wouldn't be the last date.


~~~~ -N

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