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Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


31. Harry



** I got this idea from Charlotte! Thankyou for the idea i really liked it! It was really hard to make a good imagine though so i hope you guys like it!. **



Charlotte's P.O.V


Baby you need to wake up. Charlotte sweetheart. We're having our first babyscan today. I groaned and turned around again. Oh so we are going to do it this way Harry laughed. Then he started shaking me awake and screaming my name. CHARLOTTE CHARLOTTE. BABYSCAN BABYSCAN. By this time he stopped shaking but he was jumping up and down on the bed. I grabbed his leg and pulled him down on the bed. You're such a dork i laughed as i gave him a kiss. You love me for that he said with a pouty face. You're right. I fell in love with a dork i married a dork and i am having a baby with a dork. I swinged my legs out of the bed and stood up. I grabbed the clothes i wanted to wear and put them on. I quickly applied my make-up and slid on my Converse. He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the door.


** Skipping Car Ride **


Mr en Mrs Styles? The doctor said and looked up from his clipboard. Harry and i stood up and walked with him. We both shook his hand and sat down on the chairs that were there. I'm guessing you are Charlotte Styles? The doctor asked and looked at me. That's how they call me i laughed. And you're 3 and a half month pregnant? Yupp i said. Okay then come with me. We both walked with him and i needed to go and lay down on some sort of table. He squished some gel on my already growing stomach and looked at the monitor. Do you two see that white thing over there? Harry and me both nodded. That's your little baby. Harry grabbed my hand and gave it a small kiss. We continued to look at the screen and saw the baby move a few times. Everytime the baby moved Harry gave my hand a small squeeze. You could tell he was excited to meet this baby. After a while the doctor removed the gel from my stomach and i pulled my top down. Harry helped me off the table and grabbed my hand. The doctor gave us the pictures of the scan and shook our hands again.


When we were outside again Harry pulled me into a bear hug and he kissed my head. I love you Charlotte and i am so happy that i can call you my wife and the mother of my child. We pulled away from the hug and he kissed my forehead. He placed his hand on my stomach and i smiled. Hi there little one. Mommy and me can't wait until you're here. I love you already little one. He smiled and rubbed my stomach. I kissed him on the lips and hugged him again. You Mr. Styles are going to be an amazing dad! Just like you Mrs.Styles. And with that he picked me up and carried me towards the car.



** Well Charlotte. There you go! I hope you liked it! **

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