1D Imagines & Preferences

Imagines and Preferences about our boys of One Direction. I do not take requests. I do take scenario's for imagines and preferences so comment! Also follow me on Twitter: @EleanorsGirls_


12. Harry.

** Kayy guyss i'm so sorry i didn't updated in a while. Buttt.... I need to tell you this i had major Harry feels while writing this. Haha hope you guyss like thiss !!! **



You and Harry had been fooling with each other the whole day. You guys were now playing hide and seek and you needed to find Harry. You counted to 20 and started looking for him. Harry you screamed Where are you babe ?? After 15 minutes you hadn't find him and you were getting tired of seeking. You started whining: Harryyy !! This isn't funny anymore just come here you won okay. After 2 minutes he wasn't there you screamed through the whole house: God Harry you're so stupid just come here. Within 2 minutes Harry pushed you against a wall. Pushing his whole body weight against your body. What did you just say Babe ?? He smirked. You wanna say that again ?? I said you were stu-. Before you could finish your sentence Harry kissed you. You throwed your arms around his neck and kissed him back. He told you to jump against your lips and so you did. His hand were placed on your bum as you two kissed. After a few minutes you both needed air. You jumped out of his arms but he didn't let you go. He kissed you again but this time with more lust. How about we take this upstairs Harry whispered while pushing you up the stairs.


Welll... We all know what happened after that.. Hope you guyss liked it !!

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