Helium and happy thoughts alike

Meet two people dealing with the same pain but in different ways.

“Well, where did you get balloons from? And why do you have them? Aren’t they a bit “girly” with pink?” I asked him trying to bring up a conversation again.
“The Balloons? I stole them,” he said with a monotone voice.

This is for the competition 'Movellas English Class'


2. Let's meet Kate

Seeing the sun on a clear sky always brightened up my mind. Chased away all the dark and stormy clouds which only purpose were to spread their sadness.  I had a lust to spread my arms straight out and dance around while singing up to the sky. But I knew it was just me, trying to hide away the dark pain in side of my chest.

Not far away I saw a guy sitting alone on a park bench. Not that it was something surprising to see.

Wait. What am I doing ? It’s me telling the story here. I could tell you anything and you would believe me. Why don’t we start over again and make a much better start.


It was a sunny Sunday. Saw what I did there? Sunny, sun. No? Oh, well let the story continue.

It was beautiful sight that hit me no matter where I looked and the clouds looked like big white candy floss I could jump straight up and eat. The big smile on my face looked like the ones you only see on silly clowns; you know the ones which gives colorful balloons to all the little kids? I think I should get a halt time job as a clown. I would be perfect for the job and I already got a bigger feet size than the average woman. Are there anybody out there looking for a clown for their next birthday? Search no more, you have found her!

While I was in my silly thoughts I saw a guy sitting on a bench for himself. Not that it was an unusual sight around here. No, what made him stand out in the crowd was the bundle of pink balloons in his hand.

Before I knew of it my giant feet was moving towards him and I had sat down beside him.

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