Helium and happy thoughts alike

Meet two people dealing with the same pain but in different ways.

“Well, where did you get balloons from? And why do you have them? Aren’t they a bit “girly” with pink?” I asked him trying to bring up a conversation again.
“The Balloons? I stole them,” he said with a monotone voice.

This is for the competition 'Movellas English Class'


3. And now let Kate meet Daniel

 “Hey,” I said quickly. It took some time before he answered but finally he turned against me, gave me a confused look and responded with a “hey?”

Okay what should I say now? Damn you feet. Why did you need to put me in this situation? I needed to start going to classes where I could train my feet to not having their own life, with no influence from me. As you probably could hear this wasn’t the first things like this has happened.

“So,” I said while I made the ‘o’ longer, “what are you up to?”

He sighed giving me a why-are-you-bothering-me look. “I’m just sitting here having fun with my sad and miserable life. What are you doing?” he answered me while turning his heard, looking out on the lake.

“Oh, well then it seems I can join you in that. My life has become pretty much the same,” I said to him and that short period of time I had forced myself to be glad again, now disappeared and the dark pain began to eat the pieces of my broken heart again.

I took a deep breath, took the bad memories, the huge pain and locked it all down in a tiny box inside my head.  I needed to forget, I needed to get moving on and forget this bad mood.

He looked at me in disbelief as if he thought it was impossible for someone silly like me to be miserable. He shook his head, sighed again and apparently put it to his mind that he would ignore me. But you don’t just ignore me. If I first had my interest in something it would be hard to get rid of me again. Oh god, I must be an annoying person. Well, not much to do about that. Poor rest of the people in the world.

“Well, where did you get balloons from? And why do you have them? Aren’t they a bit “girly” with pink?” I asked him trying to bring up a conversation again. But I didn’t expect the answer I got next.

“The Balloons? I stole them,” he said with a monotone voice. I thought that my eyes would pop out but luckily they stayed in place. I was shocked. I hadn’t stumbled across that hobby before. Did he just go around to different parties and took them without anyone noticing it? Maybe he also stole them from clowns! If he ever tried to steal my balloons once I became a clown, he would be in some serious trouble. They are my balloons!

I stopped my thoughts before they got out of hand and now it was my turn to look at him with disbelief, “what? Why would you do that? Did you steal them from some little girl’s birthday party? Because if you did then-“

“No,” he said as he sighed yet again. What is with him and his sighs?

“I stole them from my best friend’s wedding. They are like a souvenir to help me remember that I let the girl of dreams slip away from me. And if it wasn’t enough I let my best friend marry her. None of them even knows it,” he finished slow and quiet.  

I just sat there with my eyes almost popping out my head. What? I looked down at my feet while a huge pain floated back in my stomach. I tried to push it away, but it seemed like this time it was a lot more difficult.

With a low voice I almost whispered, “well, then I have the qualifications for joining the club.”

He looked back at me. With an annoyed look in his blue eyes, he hissed at me, “Do you think this is some kind of joke? Because if-“, “The same thing has happened to me” I said shutting him up. I gave him a serious look while I continued, “or not the exactly same thing. I let my best friend marry my dream guy. I have been in love with him for years. No one knows.” When I said the last sentence tears was peeking through my eyes, so I had to turn my head away.

I could almost hear the guilt in his voice when he said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t know.”

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