over again

I dont know where im going with this story but lets find out shall we?


2. Together

The next day it was Monday and I had school.  I woke up and got ready i curled my hair pulled on a pink tank top and a lace white shirt and white shorts.  I grabbed my sweater my purse and gronal bar and put on my toms and walked out the door to walk to school, but when I walked out Zayn was there in his care and asked me if I wanted a ride? i hooped in the car and he kissed me and we drove off to school.  We walked in tot he school hand in hand and people just looked at us I heard people whispering saying finally and I just laughed.  I got to my looker and zayns looker was right next to me I put my sweater in and grabbed my math book for first period which was what Zayn had also.

---------------------------------------------------------------After School------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Me and the guys met up and we decided to go the beach so we all went home to get ready I put on a purple bikini and threw on a t shirt and shorts over it and then i text-ed Zayn to come pick me up. when he got here he already had picked up all the guys.  We arrived at the beach and the first thing Zayn did was run behind me and pick me up and tossed me in the water.  Hes so lucky that I had got my shirt and shorts off.  The water was freezing but I didn't really mind I love the beach!  I ran out off the water and lid on my towel right next to Zayn so i could try to get a tan cause im pale as anything.  Zayn noticed I was there so he leaned over and he started to kiss my shoulder and then my neck he made me giggle alot cause im really tickles on my neck.  We just lid there for about 2 hours and then the sun started to go down so Zayn grabbed me picked me up and ran somewhere with him I was laughing the whole time when he finally put me down I didnt see anyone the only people there was me and him he looked at the sunset and then he kissed me and toke my hand and we both sat down and he said that now he can cross of kissing his girl while watching the sunset.  I just smiled and kissed him again he then depend the kiss and when we stooped we got up and decided that we should go back and get the guys and go home.  When we all got Louis house we decided to stay for abit cause we didnt have school the next day cause of a PD DAY or something so we all started to watch movies and we Zayn curled up on the couch after the first movie my eyes where dropping and I was almost asleep when I felt Zayn stroke my cheek and leaned down and kissed it and then I drifted off into my sleep.  It didn't really matter if I stayed out all night I lived by myself ever sense my mom kicked me out last year.

I woke up the next morning in Zayns arms and everyone else was gone they probably went home Loui probably let us stay cause I fell asleep.  I turned around and kissed Zayn and his eyes fluttered opened and he said "what a beautiful view to see when you first wake up"  I laughed and kissed him again and he started to tickle me in tell i fell off the couch.  Loui then walked up and asked how well slept and he looked at me on the floor and said "oh yeah Zayns a bed hog" I laughed and said "I slept good and i fell on the floor from Zayn tickling me." Loui laughed and walked over and helped me up.  I sat back on the couch but this time I started to tickle him and he was gone retarted laughing I then stopped and kissed him got up and walked away and said karma's a bitch!

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