Boys In The Flavor Of British

Dylan hated her family well except for her baby step sister.
Her step mom was a nightmare.
Her step brother and MANWHORE.
And her dad who is a cheat.
But is her life about to look up when she meets a group of boys.
And why is the curly one looking at her funny?


1. Oh Just A Brilliant Day To Cover A Boy In Tomato Sauce


so this is my new book i hope you like it.


Dylan's POV.

"Cassidy do I  seriously have to take your bratty ass to the carnival" I groaned at my ten year old step sister who quite frankly today was looking to be punch in the face by my fist.

"Yes you must mother summoned you to do it plus Garry is with a lady friend" she said innocently but we all knew she was far from innocent. It was quite sad it seems I'm the only one who really takes notice of her, yeah she can be deafening but she is as sweet as pumkin pie BUT don't tell her that or her head will grow bigger.

"Oh so you mean he is gonna screw her five ways from sunday without a condom and hopes that the skank with her legs wrapped around his waist bouncing on him won't have a little Garry junior running around" I questioned smiring and raising my eye brow.

Her face was trying to stiffle laughs while putting on a disgusted face, her brother Garry is seventeen and a total douche bag. He used to his on me until I nearly cut his balls of with garden cutters, he cried like a bitch that day. Cue evil laugh.

"Isn't your language just the sweetest" My wicked step monster came into the lounge flaunting her short ass dress and the ugly constipated scowl she always held.

"Oh yes MOTHER my language is fluent i call it the rainbow language" She threw me a dirty look while I just winked at her.

"Yoiur father and I will be out with Patsy and Greg" she stated then walked out. She doesn't even say goodbye to her own child, WITCH.

At first My step monster Giulianna was nice but I couldn't have cared she broke my parents up. Yeah I know it takes two to tango don't worry I haven't spoken to my dad is four months. Well she was his secretary and they used to go on 'business meetings' while my mpother sat at home working her ass of to pay bills my father every so slightly forgot.

I turned to Cassidy and gave her a small smile, she looked so broken. I nodded for her to come here and she ran in my arms and hugged me. I felt bad for her. 

"Did you see her constipated face?" I heard her giggle " I told you she looked like a fried fish"

"Thank you Dylan" She sobbed slashed giggled. I hugged her back.

"Well scoot along so i can get ready we are gonna smash those roller coasters" I winked and smiled at how her face lighted up. She squeled then bolted to her room.

You must be think this choick is bipolar first she hates Cassidy then she is all nice but like I said I felt bad and she is like the only living hting in this house. 

Ones a constipated bitch, anothers a raging man whore and then last but defenately least dayy dearest he is a cold hearted robot.

I stood up from my sweet bed and waved the bed goodbye even though it was calling my name. After I showered I plonked in my walk in wardrobe and looked at my clothes. After debating on trackies and a band tee or looking attractive, I chose a preppy dress which had a white blouse connected to a black skirt which came about mid thigh. I also picked my cute as black and white heels which sorta looked like they were dressed in a suit (A/N Shoes On Side :D). When satasfied I let my hair loose letting my curls run  free, my curls aren't wild just flowly and wavy. 

I put on some mascara and lip gloss due to the fact I hated make up and I wasn't going to force myself even though Guilianna scowleds me. 

Once I was downstairs my arm was pulled straight out the door by a very excited Cassie. I looked at her out fit ahe looked stunning for being only ten. She loooked cute in her flowy green dress which landed at her knee's with a fluro yellow belt around the waist. But my faourite of all was her yellow combat boots which I was in love with, they used to be mine.

"Come on Dyl we don't wanna miss the fun rides" she said innocently looking at me with her big brown eyes you could fall in love with.

We drove about twenty minutes in my jeep like car which had graffitti designs all over it. Once the car was parked Cassie and I skipped like idiots in the car park giggling hysterically. In the corner of my eye I saw a boy with lucious curly hair and suspicious sunglasses on look at me with drool on his chin so I did what any girl in my situation does I gave him the finger and he gulped, Cassie and I just kept skipping.

"Lets go on the spinning thing over there" She smiled while pointing ove rto the rapidly spinning wheel.

"Good choice little one" I smiled and we dashed towards the death machine.

-------1 hour and a half later----------

I was starving I hadn't eaten due to the rides we had been on. 

"Hey Cassie is it okay if you wait here for two minutes while I go over to teh hot dog stand?" I asked politely.

"Yeah sure I will wait by the pool okay?" 

I smiled and waved her off, I walked towrds the hotdaog stand which was joined to the coffee stand which seemed to be having a mega commotion.

"Um sir thats a half a cup of sugar" The young employee stated.

"Okay" the british male stated obviously not caring.

The boy looked nervous so I stepped in.

"Hey sugar rush" I screamed in his ear scaring the shit outta him, he spilt sugar all over my hair, "The boy behind the counter obvioulsy trying not to piss his pants is telling you that each sugar stick you put in that cup cost two bucks" He looked at me slightly amused.

He went to speak but I put my hand in his face, "And by the way thanks for the sugar I knew my outfit needed a bit of sugar to bad it didn't do crap on my temper or else you would look less red" I smiled fakely.

He smirked and raised his eye brow, "Oh how are you gonna do that?" 

The boy standing next to the douche gave me a pleading look to let his ass of a friend off.

I got real close to his face and the tomato sauce and whispered in his ear "Like this" 

I jumped back and plastered him in tomato sauce. 

He looked astonished and amused he walked forward and held out his hand, "Hi I'm Louis and this is Niall" pointing towards the blonde boy who was pleading to me before. 

I took his hand "I'm Dylan but thats irrelevant cos i got shit I gotta do insted of talk to a tomato covered gorilla" I grabbed a hotdog and threw ten dollars on the counder and  walked off without another word. 

As i walked I found it odd they had sunglasses on like the creep in the car park.

I spotted Cassie sitting under a tree giggling looking happy and bright, I wonder why. As I got more into the picture the curly fry from the car park sitting next to her. Oh Hell No.

I stomped over there and pulled Cassie behind me, "Curly Fry you better have a sutible explanation to why you are talking to a random ten year old" I gave him a feirce look.

He opened his mouth but Cassie spoke, "Don't be mean to Harry he was just asking if I was okay because I got water on my clothes" 

"sorry miss I didn't mean to impose" He said nerviously.

I smiled "It's okay I just thought you were a perving freak trying to bed my ten year old sister" 

I held out my hand "Dylan Fletcher Monroe" 

He took my hand and sparks flew oddly, "Pleasure to meet ya my names Harry" 

Just as we let go the boy with a sugar issue came over calling Harry.

"Oh hey sugar boy" I smirked 

He gave me a joking dirty look, "Hey Dylan" 

Harry looked at him oddly, "Lou why are you red" 

All Louis did was point to me, Harry looked shocked yet impressed it was only then I noticed the three other boys behind Louis.

"Hey Niall" I waved politely. "And you are?" I raised my eye brows at the other two.

"Zayn" the boy with a quiff smiled.

"And I'm Liam" said the boy with a shaved head stated.

"So I see you met Louis" Harry said smiling.


Zayn coughed, "Why aren't you squealing?"

"Am I meant to?" 

" Love don't you realise who we are" Louis asked.

"No" I stated bluntly confused as hell.

"Oh well we are One Direction" Liam said bluntly.

Cassie gigled all of us looked at her, "Dyl isn't that the boy band you said who are all screwing eachother cos they don't like girls" 

The boys looked taken back by Cassie language then they turned to me raising an eye brow.

"Well yes" I said smiling at them.

Louis gave the boys a look and they all nodded, but Harry nodded rather eagerly, "It's settled boys we found our new bestie"

I just smiled " Do I have a choice" 

"Nope" All of em stated even Cassie which Harry high fived, it looked so cute.

"Fine, boys plus Louis" I smirked at Louis's joking scowl "This is Cassidy my step sister"

They all waved but Louis spun her around.

Cassidy whispered something in Harry's ear, "Boys lets acompany our friend today" 

He was replied with cheers and oviously a scowl by me.

"Fine but if one of you puke on my shoes while on ride I will make sure you will never have children"

Let the games begin.


Sooo how was that?

Okaaay well I hoped you like it


-Katee xx 

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