She saw them coming.

She tried to warn us.

Now it's all too late... or is it?


1. Prologue


You know, when they say “The sky is blue!” you just got to believe it. Whether it is rhetorical, metaphorical or not you just have to because you never know when you’ll ever see it like that again.

Just like me. I never believed in that stupid phrase. It was just a plain sentence for me. What I heard was what I heard, no deeper meaning. I mean, of course the sky is blue! Why stress about it? But I guess I was wrong. I am really wrong.

2 days is the number of days I haven’t seen the sky. I had never seen it again since three days ago. And that day was my last day of freedom; the Earth’s last day of freedom. Just when the world was on my side and the odds were on my favor, that’s when it all fell apart.

3 days ago.

The Jury had finally approved of my request. They had decided to start the training I suggested and pleaded to happen. It was to be joined by every 16 year-olds to 18 year-olds in the country and was to be manned by the strongest troop of Army, the Starhunters.

The Jury had finally believed in me 3 days ago. The training was supposed to start today – but then they came.

I have the gift of seeing or as what the Jury prefers to call it, the gift of sight. Just like how my brother has the gift of touch. And just like how everybody else has a gift. The stronger your classification of gift, the higher your rank in the society will be and the weaker, the lower. But my case is special. I am the only one with the gift of seeing, so the Jury had given me the lowest rank in the society. I had no allies, no team to help show the people especially the Jury, how strong my gift really was. But three days ago, they saw and believed.

So was I given the lowest rank in society, not to mention the only one, the Jury had come up with the decision for me to have solitary confinement. I can’t live with the other people; it’d be a confusing mess. Their homesteads had been laid out to them – well planned, well organized. You live with the people of your kind. If you have the gift of touch, live with them. This is also the reason why in every homestead, there is an orphanage present. The orphanage is where you’ll go when you had not luckily received either one of your parents’ gifts and that is if you are an illegitimate child. You can’t marry someone who doesn’t have the same gift as you. While you are put in the orphanage, your parents are caught and are locked up in the prison.

Yet, that is not how it works when you are a member of the Jury. You have power, special treatments and such. Including, marrying someone who doesn’t have the same gift as you. Like my parents, both of them were both members of the Jury. Until my dad founded the Starhunters, he was. But to be part of the Jury is not easy. It comes with lineage. The members of the Jury are the royalties, the presidents, the leaders of this country. Each gift has a representative in the Jury to maintain the balance. Well, minus one.

Though my mom is part of the Jury, I still wasn’t allowed to live with them. Not with anyone. So when I was ten, they sent me to the woods alone. I was provided there with a log cabin with a kitchen, a bedroom and a living room that quite seemed too big when I was ten but now, I think the space has crammed up. I lived in solitary for ten years, except when either my dad or brother visits me to bring the supplies I need for a month.

My birth they say is wrong. My being here on Earth is wrong. It’ll attract them, they said. They’re right. I am and will be the cause of destruction of everyone. They’re wrong.

Mom has the gift of voice. My brother and dad both have the gift of touch. They were expecting me to have either one of the gifts, but when I came out they immediately said something was wrong. My mom detested me right away; she wanted me to have the gift of voice like her. She wants perfection and when she heard the sentence ‘me’ and ‘wrong’ in it, she resented me. It’s wrong because when I came out of my mother’s womb, I didn’t do anything indicating what gift I had. Instead my father said my eyes shone like the sun and then he said I let him see something. When my dad told the doctors what happened, they said I was trouble. That maybe I am one of them. My dad and brother loved me still but my mom didn’t.

I saw them coming here, a month ago. I reported what I had seen to the Jury but they didn’t believe. When they did, it was all too late. 

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