Dangerous Power

Sydney's life has always been bad, and as much as she wold like to forget about the past, she can't. Now she goes to a school that isn't normal, and her only company: two very different guys. As her present starts spiraling out of control, her past may be the only thing that could save her life, and the one's she loves.


2. Two years ago

   "You must be Sydney!" The man said with teeth so white I bet I could see my reflection. I shake his hand.
        "My name is Quince." He says and smiles even wider. I have learned not to show emotions to people but I managed a small smile. Meg put her hand on my shoulder. Meg has been my foster parent for the last year. This is exactly what she is looking for: a way to get rid of me. This school is just the place. Im not saying she doesn't like me, she does, and I do to. But I'm to much of a burden to her and her family, although she doesn't admit it. We take a tour but I'm not really listening. Meg is fascinated with all the things here. It's much more high-tech than her farm house. She only wanted me so she could use the money the state gave her on her family, and the farm. Which I have to work on from dawn until dust. She doesn't work me too hard, she knows what I can do. 
        "...and you don't have to pay a dime!" This Quince guy says.
        "Oh!" I know now she has made up her mind. I know she hates paying for things I need, especially my expensive therapy sessions three times a week... Well and I hate going to them. A man walked up to Quince.
        "This is Max he will take you to complete some paperwork."
        "Hello Mrs. Jackson." Max says. "We'll go the fancy way." They start to walk off. Max's hand placed lightly on Meg's shoulder.
        "Maybe we'll even let you have a souvenir." Max says.
        "Oh!" Meg said. I bet she almost fainted. For the first time ever, I wanted to be with Meg. I didn't know this place, and I didn't think as fondly about it as she did. I don't know what these people are pulling. Quince leads me into a room which can be none other than his office. Almost all the walls are covered in filling cabinets marked with different things. The wall behind his huge desk had a book shelf and was covered in books. On one wall was a couch and Quince motioned for me to sit down in it. He gets a chair and sits a little ways away from me.
        "At last things to say before the last preparations are made?" I look at him.
        "Yeah one thing. You don't want me for your school." I say. He just smiles.
        "Why's that?" 
        "You don't know who I am, or what I've done." The man looked at me and laughed.
        "That's the reason why we want you." He said. I narrowed my eyes. This school was getting weirder and weirder by the minute. 
        "If you do want me then you've underestimated what i can do." Quince ignored me and continued talking. 
        "Afternoon classes start in a hour. You will be taken to your room, and then to your first class. You will get a schedule later. Your things are already being taken  up. Dinner is at 6:30, you are expected to be there on time you will also-"
        "Oh so it wasn't a choice, I was coming here any way." I interrupt. Quince just smiles again.
        "I don't think you'd be able to resist. We're your best choice."    

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