Dangerous Power

Sydney's life has always been bad, and as much as she wold like to forget about the past, she can't. Now she goes to a school that isn't normal, and her only company: two very different guys. As her present starts spiraling out of control, her past may be the only thing that could save her life, and the one's she loves.


3. Tuesday 3:30 pm

I looked at my target, 36 year old male. I  can feel my hands sweating underneath my leather gloves. I reposition them. Oh why did they send me on this hit? Why couldn't they send me on one where I could use my swords? They knows I like that much better than a gun.
        "Eyes on the target. Stay focused Sid." Jazz's voice says in my ear.
        "Oh!" I fumbled with the gun and almost dropped it.
        "Jazz! Don't do that. You know I get nervous when I have a gun!"
        "Just shoot the guy already. While you have the chance." Terence says.
        "She misses her swords that's all." Jazz says in a baby voice. I roll my eyes. I take another look at the man. He was on his phone waiting for a taxi to come and take him to the airport. I didn't know why I'm suppose to kill him, but I just do as I'm told and go home. I take a deep breath. If I do this right I will have my last school class taken away and it will be just training. Not that I like training any more than I liked my school classes. I breath in the fresh Houston air. I aimed. And.
        "This is Sydney to base: target is neutralized." 
        "Good job Sid, now time to come home." Jazz says.
        "Next flight here is yours." Terence says.
        "Ok see you soon." I respond, and start the long walk to the car.


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