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7. Wyatt.

●●Zoe's POV●●

Outside, on the busseling city of Paris the streets were still busy with people. A big clock tower struck 7 o'clock, quickly i hurried over to under the Eiffel Tower, there i saw Niall waiting for me patiently. I ran over to him and wrapped my arms around him, he whispered 

"Lets go hun, the paparazzi will be after us in no time," he took my hand and lead me off. Click Flash Click Click Flash. I covered my face from the blinding flashes of the cameras Click Click

"Oii who's this Niall?" one of them shouted, we quickened our pace avoiding any questions to be asked and finally we got away from them. I had no clue where we were going, all i knew was that we were getting some food. My stomach started grumbling  we had been walking for nearly twenty minutes and my feet were starting to ache because of the heels i had decided to wear out.

"Here we are" He said, beaming. The restaurant was on a corner, the sign read 'La Terrace'. The restaurant overlooked a river, it was so beautiful. Nearly all the tables outside were filled with people busy eating and chatting. Niall led me inside to find tabled covered with white cloth, with little roses sitting in a blue vase in the center, the interior was a mix of modern and rustic. He led me up some little pine stairs to come out on a terrace. There was one table with two little chairs, a sign on the tabled read 'reserved'. I was amazed, i could barely speak. This place was amazing, Niall was amazing I could never ask for anything better, not being able to get the words out i kissed him on the cheek he smiled and sat me down.

A waitress came over to our table holding a bottle of red wine, she poured it into both of our glasses, smiled and walked away. 

"Niall i'm too young to drink,"I stated, worriedly,

"It's okay, it won't hurt you for one night , look just try a little bit,"He smiled and took a sip. I did the same, the wine was actually quite nice, a little bitter but it calmed my butterflies. He took my hands in his and looked me in the eyes,

"Zoe, I know i have only known you for two days, but it feels like i have known you for two years. I have never felt like this way before about anyone, I-I- was just wondering" He stuttered, "Will you be my girlfriend?" My heart raised my heart started to pound against my chest, "YES" My lips crashed on his, i could feel him smile which made me laugh



"I don't know what to have for pudding there's too much choice" I complained,

"Just have them all," We laughed,

"Are you trying to make me fat?!"I teased,

"No!" The waitress once again returned to our table, Niall ordered chocolate fudge cake and i ordered creme brulee. We chatted for a while longer, smiling the whole time. I excused myself to go to the toilet, i followed the signs through the restaurant and  down this little corridor to find the ladies toilet.

Then i saw him, Wyatt. He was once my boyfriend, i regret every day I was together with him. He used to beat me when i said something wrong, he used to pressure me into things I didn't want to do. I i felt my heart skip a beat, i turned around forgetting about needing the toilet, i wanted to get away from his big, muscular, evil man but he grabbed my arm, his grip was tight. He pulled me back towards him and turned me around. I started at he floor never wanting to meet his dark eyes.

"Look at me" He demanded, i disobeyed.

"Remember what happened last time when you didn't do as i say, look at me now," He said, in a more angry tone, again i disobeyed. My mind was telling me to look at him, but i did everything against it. He pined me up against a wall, out of anyone's sight. He punched in the stomach, the pain flooded through my body, bad memories flashing through my head. I tried to wriggle away from his grip but he held tighter.

"look in my eyes right now," This time I looked up, He lent in to kiss me but i slapped him away

"Get off me!" I shouted He covered my mouth, picked me up and carried me into the cleaning cupboard, allt eh while i was kicking and trying my best to scream. Please, this would be the best day of my life ruined. I didn't want him to rape me..again. I tryed to stop the tears spilling from my  eyes but they just wouldn't stop falling.

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