Read other, old one no longer used (: the other is still called running wild


8. no

●●Niall's POV●●

The puddings sat on the table, i wouldn't start to eat before Zoe got here, that would be rude. She's been gone for some time now..maybe she's trying to get away from me? Maybe she doesn't actually like me? I decided i would get up and look for her, i told the waitress i would be back in two minutes.

I hurried down to the toilets. I walked into the boys looked under every door, not anywhere in there. I went our and entered the ladies. I heard a toilet flush, I quickly hid in  a toilet and locked the door. I looked under the door to see a woman in sandals, still no Zoe. I sighed and walked back into the corridor. I but my back against the wall and fell to my knees, my hands rubbing my head, thinking,thinking. I heard a muffled voice coming from a door that said, 'no entry, cleaning equipment'. A wave of confusion came over me. Someone talking to them self in a cleaning cupboard, I put my ear up to the door.

"You're enjoying this aren't you haha, that's a good girl, don't wriggle, there we go," A dark voice mumbled. I stumbled back worried and scared of what I had heard. I gripped the hand and swung the door open and before my eyes i saw something i hoped i would never see. I saw a Zoe, shehad a cloth over her eyes and mouth with a man holding her jeans and underwear in his hands. 

"Get out!"The man shouted. I ignoreed his shouted and ran to Zoe and pulled her up her body was bare



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