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2. Landmarks

They had stayed in town all day wondering around the pretty cobblestone streets full of busseling people up to their own business. All the girls were in such a good mood, singing and dancing around till they ran out of breath.

 "We need to go somewhere, a landmark,  the Eiffel tower? The Arc de Triomphe? Come on there has to  be something!" maddy explained.

"I think we should go to the Arc de Triomphe because its so much closer and we can go to the Eiffel tower tomorrow?" Abbie added.

"Sure lets go!" 

Zoe pulled out a map and carefully planned out a way to get there. They followed the plotted route and started to wander street by street. A blanket of darkness was pulled over the sky as the girls carried on wondering.

"Guys I think we might be lost...were in the middle of a massive city and we have no clue where we are!?" Abbie said as she flicked through her wallet, "I have €300 on me, we could maybe stay the night in this hotel?" Zoe and maddy turned to look where abbie was pointing. Before them was a grand hotel, looked around 5 stars with grand doors and butlers waiting to take your bags at the door. 

"Urm..sure I have miney with me too so we can putit together and stay just for a night though? Maddy said unsure

They walked up the stone steps to reach the big, oak wooden doors held open by vases full of beautiful flowers. The interior of the hotel was breath taking, like something out of a movie.


They all settled in bet, the lights were all out, they had to wake up early the folling day to ensure they would find their hotel intime. The room was silet, everyone had slipped into sleep. Outside it rained slightly,  you can never trust French weather. Zoe tossed in her bed, she was having a nightmare and then suddenly she woke up, out of breath.

'I need to go on a walk' she mumbled to herself. Carefully edging through the blackness she got out the room, behind her the door clicked shut. Theres something about a hotel at night, just the pure silence of it, it feels weird to be alone. 

●●Zoe's POV●●

The hotel was cold, the marble beneath my feel sent a shivers down my spine. Aimlessly I wondered through corridoors, passing many rooms full of people dreaming.  Outside i could hear the pitteringf rain hitting the road, it seemed peaceful let i felt unsettled. I heard footsteps comming from behind me, I quickened my pase, scared.

"hello?" I heard an irish voice behind me, Iimmediately I recognized it. I'm not too keen on pop-bands but I had always sort of had a crush on one direction and I could tell it was definitely Niall. I turned around still dreary from sleep. I stopped and waiting for him to catch up with me.

"Couldnt sleep? Me neither. Been wondering around for a while now.." I said sleepily.

"I know just the place to go, I have stayed in this hotel before and I couldnt sleep, there just something about it. Look follow me," he said, his eyes were beautiful blues and greens of all different shades.

He led me to a door that said 'no entry' cautiously he opened the door, there was a small flight of metal steps up. As I walked, I couldnt help but look at his perfection. His hair faded from blonde to brown, and his smile, don't  even get me started. As we neared the top of the stairs I saw the night sky open above me. We were on the roof. I would see for miles. the rain had stopped and the sky was now clear from cloud, we sat under a ledge seeing it was dry. I felt like I was on top of the world. 

"Hey, you look cold, here" he pulled a soft blanket off his sholders and wrapped it around me, "you never told me your name," 

"You never asked" I replied cheekily with a smirk, "anyway, I'm Zoe" we sat there talking and laughingfor hours, till the sky slowly started to light up. I wanted to stay in that moment forever. Slowly I slipped into sleep, my head on his lap.

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