Read other, old one no longer used (: the other is still called running wild


1. I don't believe in love.

The hotel doors slid with a slight screech, the three girls tugged their suitcases to the receptionists desk. 

"Hi, were under the name of Fraser, please may we have our keys?" Zoe asked politely. The woman from behind the desk looked up from her computer screen, 

"Good try girls, you have to fill out these forms before getting your keys," the old woman looked as if she had sucked a lemon, she had  brunette hair which was fading to grey pulled up in a tight bun. The womans name tag read 'Margaret', she handed the impatient girls the sheets they needed 


"This is it I guess,number 13.." Maddy said as the lock clicked open. She swung the door open to reveal the rooms they were going to stay in for the next couple of weeks. Everything was set out perfectly, soon to be messed up. 

"Bagsy this is my bed!" Zoe ran and jumped onto the double bed lined with cushions and chocolate. Zoe had long blonde hair which fell half way down her back, she had deep hazel eyes and wore baggy sweaters and super skinny jeans. 

"So guys were in Paris, the city of looovee," Abbie teased, "who do you think will be the first to fall in love?" Maddy added. "Well not me, I don't believe in love. I'm making a bet it will be Abbie," Zoe said whilst fiddling with her nails. "Come on Zoe were in Paris, you will change your mind soon enough. Anyway, lets get out of here and start exploring," Maddy said excitedly.  The girls all scrambled through their suitcases to find their phones and cameras. Soon they were wandering through Paris,  gossiping and taking photos of nearly everything in sight.


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