Thats the day<3...

Well... best friends turn into a relationship relationship turns into marriage:)


1. Best friends<3

your p.o.v... (your diary) 


So how long have me and Niall been best friends? ages but the problem is i think im starting to get feelings for him:/ I love him uh oh....

Today were going out for lunch to nandos woo! well i better get ready, I'm going to wear my skinny jeans with my supra shoes and mickey mouse top.. got to be one of my favorite outfits. I wonder if I should tell him if i like him?

     *            *             *                *                 *               *                  *                 *                *                     *                        *                      *            *


 Nandos was delicious had my usual, Niall had what he normally has... Oh and he invited me to his after BRIT party hopefully they'll win a BRIT. He also invited me as his plus one to the actual awards. WHAT SHALL I WEAR?! it is tomorrow right i have to go shopping! Niall also offered to buy me some stuff yay! Louis(your brother) asked me to move in with all the boys cause i live on my own. I agreed to move in day after the brits..


Authors note: Sorry short chapter please comment what you think:)xx

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