my name is Georgia and this is the story of my life. I have a hard life. I go from place to place with my five best friends. its actually a lot less complicated than it seems. you see, I am best friends with the worlds biggest boy band, one direction, but it doesn't stop there. my life is perfect but things are starting to change... let me go back to when I met the boys... (read this movella to find out more).


2. Harry's secret

Harry's POV


That was close. For a second there it seemed like maybe Liam had told her. Well they do tell each other everything. Wait...what if he did tell her. She did say she new that I fancied someone but what if she Knew who? She could of been lying. I have to talk to Li! I ran down the stairs  passing Georgia as I went towards the door. " were are you going " she said making breakfast. " out" I said " leave Liam alone" she said sternly, she can read me like a book. "I'm  not, I'm going over to Lou's" she looked up at me unconvinced, but didn't question me. " I'm not going to argue " she said and I walked out the door.

Georgia's POV


Harry's just left to go to Louis so I thought I'd get in the shower. Me and Harry share a bathroom so I feel weird showering when he's in the house in case he comes in because there's no lock on the  door. I showered then went through to get changed when someone knocked on the door. Its probably just El. " Its open " I shouted down the stairs. "Its me" I heard Louis shout up at me "err...I'll be down in a second". I panicked and threw on my plain white T-shirt with a zip in the left chest pocket and my butterfly legging's. I  ran down the stairs.



(sorry this is a short chapter, the next one will be longer. please tell me what you think about the story so far)

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