A Normal Girl (OneDirection FanFiction)

Angel is a 18 year old that woke up from a dream where she dated Niall Horan. To understand the story more go read my FanFiction "Just A Friend?" here is the link:


If you read it, it will make a lot more sense ! Thank you, xxx


3. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Niall didn't tell me where we are going but what he did tell me was dress normal and wait for him to come. I did what I was told to do and scanned through twitter while waiting.


"Beep Beep!" My phone goes on.


Messages: From: Jason♡(He is my boyfriend) "It's over."


What why? What did I do wrong? I started bursting into tears.




I was still crying. I even forgot about Niall...


"Knock Knock" I stood up wiped my tears and opened the door.


"Hey!" Niall says smiling then looking at me.


"Oh my god! Are you ok?" Niall asks me lifting up my chin. 


I bet my mascara is all over my face.


"You sure you still want to come?" Niall asks me looking at me. 


I knew he was thinking something. I could see it in his eyes.


Niall's P.O.V


Angel was crying. What could have happened to her?


"I'll be right back..." She says to me in a sad voice going somewhere up stairs.


"Beep! Beep!" Angel's phone goes on.


Messages: From Unknown: Oh and go f**k yourself with that blonde dude of yours a**! Oh and yes, to answer your question I did cheat on you :) 


Who in the was that? Her EX boyfriend? Was that the reason she was crying? 


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