A Normal Girl (OneDirection FanFiction)

Angel is a 18 year old that woke up from a dream where she dated Niall Horan. To understand the story more go read my FanFiction "Just A Friend?" here is the link:


If you read it, it will make a lot more sense ! Thank you, xxx


8. No...Please...

Niall's P.O.V


As soon as Angel left Louis jumped up.


"Lets prank her!" Louis yelled jumping up and down like a kid.


"Yeah!" The boys shout and stand up.


I just continue munching on my food.


"Nialler, you in?" I hear Harry say confused.


"Nah..." I say and again start eating my food.


***Moment of silence***


"Do you fancy her Niall?" I hear Liam ask moving his eyebrows.


I just keep quiet and continue eating.


"Let's start!" I hear Louis yell again.


"Okay. So what are we going to do?" Zayn asks impatiently. 


"Lets shoot her with Water Nerf Guns!" Liam says smiling evilly. 


"Yeah!" All of the boys say laughing.


"C'mon Niall! It's not like she won't like you after this!" Liam says pulling me off the chair.


'OKAY OKAY!" I say annoyed. 


"I'll go see if Angel has nerf guns here." Harry says going into a closet.


"Why would sh....e?" Liam says as Harry brings in five of them.


"What?" Zayn says grabbing one.


"I guess she also has fights with nerf guns!" I say smiling. 


We all grab a water nerf gun and fill them up with water.


Angel's P.O.V


I head towards the parking lot with Starbucks coffee. I had a bad feeling in my stomach that something is going to happen. I sit into my car sipping my coffee and heading towards home.




"Ahhhhhhhh!" I scream opening the door and feeling water on my skin.


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