A Normal Girl (OneDirection FanFiction)

Angel is a 18 year old that woke up from a dream where she dated Niall Horan. To understand the story more go read my FanFiction "Just A Friend?" here is the link:


If you read it, it will make a lot more sense ! Thank you, xxx


10. Hospital

Angel's P.O.V


I started screaming dramatically and  fell to the ground and pretended to die. All the boys started to run over to me.



"She didn't black out didn't she?" Harry says feeing awful. He is so stupid...



"I hope not... " Niall says pushing me slightly 




"Boo!" I say standing up and pushing them so they fall.



"Don't mess with me!" I say slightly laughing and moving my finger left to right.



They all stand up but Harry starts screaming.


"HELP ME!" Harry screams.


I hand him my hand but he pulls me down where everything blacks out.


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