A Normal Girl (OneDirection FanFiction)

Angel is a 18 year old that woke up from a dream where she dated Niall Horan. To understand the story more go read my FanFiction "Just A Friend?" here is the link:


If you read it, it will make a lot more sense ! Thank you, xxx


15. Break Up

June 19th, 2013

Angel's P.O.V


"Want to watch a movie?" I smiled at Niall, while he was looking through his phone.


Niall came over to spend some time with me since we are now "dating" I guess.


"Yeah sure." Niall smiled locking his phone.


I placed the CD in, and went back to the sofa to cuddle beside him.


"You smell good, do you know that?" I asked as I buried my face on his neck. 


"Thanks." He smirked.




The doorbell rang, which interrupted the moment of me and Niall.


"I'll get it." I said getting up from the sofa.


"I'll get it with you." He said, grabbing my hand.


We walked to the door to find 1D's manager waiting. 


"Hey, what are you doing here?" Niall asked arching his brows.


"I need to talk to you about something." The manager said.


Their manager pulled him a few steps away and out of the house. I looked out my window to see what they were doing. (You don't say?) A few minutes later, Niall was shouting and  could see the anger in his eyes. The face of the manager was priceless. I wonder what happened. He walked bak to me and pulled me onto the sofa.


"What happened out there?" I asked curiously.


"Nothing, it's really nothing." Niall said trying to fake smile.


"C'mon, you wouldn't lash out of anger if it was nothing." I said and he sighed.


"They wanted me to break up with you." He answered clearly.


"What? Why?" I asked worried.


"Because they said that I should date a celebrity, more fame blah blah blah." He answered.


"I knew this was a bad idea!" I whispered to my self but apparently Niall heard.


"So are we breaking up or what?" I asked him and he looked at me wide-eyed and shook his head.


"But your management just said..." I tried to finish but he interrupted with a kiss.


"I took care of it princess, they wont bother us now." He said pulling back.


"Why? I mean Niall. this is for you. You're famous and you have to do what's best for you." I said.


"You're what's best for me." He smiled and I hugged him tightly as we continued watching the movie.


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