Irresistible (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Tara and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Louis becomes famous after him and his friends go try out for the X Factor as a band called One Direction? Will things change or just stay the same for him and Tara?
(sorry if there is any spelling mistakes in this story)


1. school

Tara's point of view

Uhhhh I wake up and hit my annoying alarm clock of and drag myself out of bed have a shower. I go get dressed and I put on a  black and white vans t-shirt red skinny jeans and black vans. I look at my phone and see I got a text from Louis:

Louis: i will pick you up at 8 :)

I look at the time and it is 7:40 twenty minutes left I text Louis.

Tara: ok see you soon :)

I quickly put on my basic makeup eye liner, foundation, lipgloss and I warm up my hair curler and curl my wavey blond hair. I look in the mirror and take a moment to view my reflection. I look pretty descent with my blond hair and blue eyes. I hear the door bell ring I grab my bag and an apple and open the door to see Louis "you look very nice today Tara" he said.
 "Thanks you look pretty good yourself" I reply. Louis is wearing red jeans and a blue and white stripey shirt.

"Shall we go" Louis said and snapped me out of my thoughts. We hopped into the car and Louis turns up the radio and we start singing.
"you have a very good voice you know Tara" I look down and blush.
"I don't really think so Lou" I reply.
"yeah you do. Why don't you believe me? It's crazy anyway. Do you wanna stay at my house and they boys are coming over as well for a huge movie marathon."


We pulled up to school and walk into class and the day just drags on.

I quickly go home after school and pack a small bag and drive over to Lou's.

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