Irresistible (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Tara and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Louis becomes famous after him and his friends go try out for the X Factor as a band called One Direction? Will things change or just stay the same for him and Tara?
(sorry if there is any spelling mistakes in this story)


13. plane ride home

Hey it is me co-author -RAWR- again bringing you a new chapter. I hope you all like it. It is pretty cool that MacBarbie has invited me to come help out with this movella. Let me know what you think of this chapter XD thanks everyone. Enjoy...

Louis’s point of view.
I was on the airplane on my way home from Spain. I miss Tara and I couldn’t wait to see her beautiful face. I still had a few hours left of this flight before I get home. Harry was sleeping next to me. Zayn was sitting behind us with Niall sleeping beside him and Liam sat behind them in a seat on his own. He was playing a game on his phone. Zayn was looking out the window. We didn’t win X factor but we came 3rd and we got offered a record deal with Syco records. I couldn’t wait to tell Tara the news.
My phone buzzed in my pocket so I pulled it out:
Tara <3: I miss you. When are you getting home :( xx Tara.
She texted. I replied:
boo-bear: I miss you more :(. A few more hours and I will be home Babe. Xx Lou.
She messaged back within minutes.
Tara <3: no I miss you even more. A few more hours -_- but you have been gone forever I want you to be home now. Did you boys win? Tara xx
boo-bear: Nope I miss you more. I know it feels like I haven’t seen you in forever I wish I was home and I can’t tell you that now. Wait until I am home xxx Louis.
Tara<3: I miss you to the moon and back and why can’t you tell me Louis. Xxxx Tara
Boo-bear: I miss you to the end of the galaxy and back and you cannot compete with that ;) I just can’t tell you until I get home sorry babe. Love ya xx Lou.
Tara <3 you are right I cannot compete with that but I miss you and I can’t wait to see you xx Tara
Boo-bear: I know I know ;) now I have to go because the other passengers are complaining about my phone going off and the light of it sorry babe xx :( bye.
Tara<3: bye my Louis xx

We finished up our conversation and I fell asleep with my head on Harry’s shoulder. A Larry Stylinson moment.


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