Irresistible (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Tara and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Louis becomes famous after him and his friends go try out for the X Factor as a band called One Direction? Will things change or just stay the same for him and Tara?
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14. hectic!!!!!!!!

hey its MacBarbie sorry i havent updated in ages but i finally have. This chapter is probably gonna be small because i have homework to get through thats due tomorrow so yeah and please read the authors not down the bottom


Tara's point of view


(what Tara is wearing):


I look at the clock and its 2:30 fifteen minutes till the boys land. I grab my purse, keys and phone and run out of the door and get into my car. School has finished so now my formal/prom is coming up same with Louis and the boys. 


i pull out of the driveway head down the street. 'Roar' by Katy Perry was on i love this song so i turn it up. It takes about ten or so minutes to get to the airport and i pull into a parking space, and get out of the car. I try to get in but thousands of girls were there holding posters that say 'I Love One Direction' and stuff like that so im guessing they came first. I struggle to get to the front to see my boyfriend that i havent seen in ages and i mean ages. I keep getting dirty looks and glares from girls geez i just want to see my boyfriend.


Louis point of view


Me and the lads started walking down that tunnel thing that connects the plane and airport together and there are tons of fans like we only came third and yet we have this much attention, i spot Tara at the front smiling and me i smile back and run up to her and gave her a gentle yet passionate kiss on the lips. I ask security if they can get her to the other side which just caused more death glares from our fans but security let her through. I gave Tara the biggest hug 'cant..... breath........ Lou......' she managed to get her 'awwwww i love you too boo' Tara just rolled her eyes and gave all the boys a hug. 'so you came first im guessing' Tara asked 'well long story short but we will tell you when we get home and we could do a tweet cam or something' Zayn replied/said a chorus of 'Yeahs' and 'Yeps' went round.


We all managed to get passed the crazed or should i say dedicated fans. We then piled into the car and drove home Harry was driving, Niall in the passenger seat, Tara and I in the very back of the seven seater and Zayn and Liam in the middle. 'i have missed you like crazy Tara' i whispered to her her in her hair, Tara was resting her head on the shoulder, 'i've missed you like crazy too boo bear' and with that we pulled up to Taras house, we all got out one by one and started walking in it was about 6 o'clock pm now because of all the crazed fans and stuff. Niall went off and called some place for dinner while me and the lads went and set up for a tweet cam. Niall and Tara walked through the door and sat down. Tara sat next to me so i pulled her on my lap, she started to giggle at that which caused me to chuckle a bit.


Taras point of view 


When Louis pull me onto his lap i started to giggle i dont know why its just the things this boy does to me. 'hey guys we're one direction' all the boys sing-songed that snapped me out of my thoughts 'and this is my wonderful girlfriend Tara' Louis finished off making me giggle 'hi' was all i said the boys looked at me like i was crazy 'WHAT' i said 'NOTHING' they all said just the way i said it. I was looking at some of the comments and some were nice saying i was pretty and stuff while others were saying really mean stuff and i mean really. Lou must have noticed 'cause he whispered soothingly in my ear 'they're just jealous'. The doorbell rang and niall yelled 'THE CHINESE FOOD IS HERE' 'Niall calm down you almost popped my eardrum Liam said rather annoyed at Niall but i couldn't blame him he was sitting right next to Niall. 'i'll get it' i hopped off Louis and walked downstairs grabbed my wallet and i started thinking about those comments 'you're so ugly and fat' kept playing through my mind the most. I payed the man and Niall ordered 5 large pizzas not normal but LARGE. I walked back upstairs and put the pizza and the coffee table and all the boys dug in straight away. I sat as far away as i could from Louis because of the hate and i had no pizza because people were calling me fat and its stuck in my mind so im not eating anything and thats finall i thought. I wrapped my arms around my stomach becoming more and more self concious.    'Come here babe' Louis called from the other side of the couch i walked over carefully and sat down next to him but gave my distance, i heard Louis gently sigh. 'So who won you havent told me' i said trying to brighten this awkward atmosphere 'we actually came third Rebecca came first' Niall said with his mouth full of food, 'ohhh ok but you had tons and tons of girls at the airport did you get signed up or something' 'unfortauntatly no' Zayn said. 


After hours on the tweet cam we dissided to go to bed 'did you guys actually get signed up 'cause i tell that Zayn was lying' i said/asked Louis 'yes we did get signed up but we are not allowed to reveal anything about it we can only tell our family and girlfriends' lou replyed 'why were you being so distant today in the twet cam, babe' louis asked. i sighed well i would have to tell him someday 'because of all the hate and people saying im ugly and fat' i said on he brim of tears 'awww baby come here dont let it get to you i love you and nobody else you are not fat you are skinny and you are the most beautiful girl ever and i only love you and nobody else babe' Louis said 'i love you to boo bear, good night' i said yarning and with that i fell asleep in the arms of the boy i love.







hey that was longer than i expected so yeah now i need to do my homework and watch x factor go Jai and mixed group OMG


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