Irresistible (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Tara and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Louis becomes famous after him and his friends go try out for the X Factor as a band called One Direction? Will things change or just stay the same for him and Tara?
(sorry if there is any spelling mistakes in this story)


5. going to spain

tara's p.o.v

i cant believe my boyfriend and his mates are leaving to spain it is gonna be hard being away from harry, zayn, naill, liam and lou way more anyway they are leaving in a couple of hours and so i drive to louis flat because i am going to drive them to the airport.

i pull up to louis house and the boys rush out not wanting to be late "hey babe" lou said to me enthusicsticly while he was putting his bags in the boot "hi lou" i repled glumly. louis noticed that "hey whats wrong" he said the pecked me on the lips "its just that you will be going away for a couple of weeks and i am gonna miss you alot  "awww i will skype and call you every night promise" 

i had a car with seats that could fold up at the back so every one fitted i perfectly liam and zayn at the very back harry and naill in the middle and louis and i up front with me driving.

Louis p.o.v 

we were on our way to the airport i am so sad to be leaving tara she is the love of my life and i am not kidding she is my world my everything   i wonder what will happen if my crazy ex eleanor comes to her place or does something bad to tara 

we pulled up to the airport it was 1 and a half hours away from my flat now we pulled up and only have 10 minutes to board i hug tara and give her a bear hug and i passionate and deep kiss the boys then gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek and of we go 

i am gonna miss her like crazy her lips her hir everything anyway of we go......




i dont really think eleanor is crazy i amsure she is a lovely girl but it fitted in the story good dont forget to pass the word around about this book

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