Irresistible (Louis Tomlinson fanfiction)

Tara and Louis Tomlinson have been best friends for as long as they can remember. What happens when Louis becomes famous after him and his friends go try out for the X Factor as a band called One Direction? Will things change or just stay the same for him and Tara?
(sorry if there is any spelling mistakes in this story)


6. arriving at spain and trouble

Louis p.o.v

we arrive at spain luckly niall know how to speak spanish the other boys and i have know idea anyway i deside i will call tara and tell her that we landed i dialled her number in and she picked up on the third diall

Me: hey babe we landed

Tara:hey lou cool what are you doing 

Me:heading to the hoteland after that we are going to the beach and then practice what about you

Tara: sitting on the couch thinking of going to starbucks to get a coffee and a snack

Me:cool i miss you already and i will skype you at 7 i love you

Tara: ok i miss you too and i love you too bye

Me: bye babe

end of call

i went to get into my trunks and when i walked out the boys were already out and in there trunks i grabed a towel and we went to the beach


Tara's p.o.v 

i was walking to starbucks because it is only a couple of blocks away from my flat when i was walking i thought someone was behind me i look behind me and eleanor calder was there louis ex girlfriend we had a bit of diffcultly getting along you could say she saw me glaring at her then came up to me and started yelling in my face "YOU BACK OFF LOUIS IS MINE" "no why cant you just except the fact that we are together and you cant do anything about it" "you watch out TARA because i will get him back and you cant stop me" and with that she walked away and i walked into starbucks and ordered a coffee and a slice of cheese cake i sat down at a window table and looked out thinking about louis then i got called up i got up grabed my stuff and payed when i got home i texted louis 


me: hey louis i  saw eleanor today lets say it didnt go down that great i will tell you the story when we skype love you xx

i texted him because i knew he was at the beach and i didnt want to disturb him and the boys


Louis p.o.v

i was at the hospital because my foot got cut by a sea orchin and as i arrived i looked at my phone and i got a text from tara saying she says that she saw eleanor today i am worried about that and what happened but tara said that she would tell me everything i desided to text her 


me: ok i will skype you soon i am at the hospital don't worry i am fine my foot just got cut by a sea orchin love you xxx


i looked at the time it is 6:45 great i cant wait to see her beautiful face again


Tara<3: ok cant wait to see you again love you too xxx


about ten minutes later i got out of hospital it still hurts but not that much the blood stopped coming out  i decided i would skype tara

i logged onto skype tara was on so i skyped her and she picked and her beautiful face popped up


Me: hey babe


Tara:hey lou


Me: so can you please tell me what happened


Tara: yeah ok but please don't get mad at this promise


Me: promise


Tara: ok first how i told you i was going to go starbucks ...... so i was walking to starbucks and i could tell someone was following me so i turned around and eleanor was there so i glared at her then she came up to me and started yelling at me saying "YOU BACK OFF LOUIS HE IS MINE" so i said "no why cant you just except the fact that we are together and you cant do anything about it" then she said "you watch out TARA i will get him back and you cant do anything about it" and then she walked away and i ordered my stuff


i was shocked in total and utter shock she is not gonna win me back i love tara with all my heart and no one can stop that i will love her through think and thin 


me: oh god that b*tch


Tara: gezz lou you never swear like that 


Me: sorry she just makes mad


Tara: thats ok i understand


Me: i need go to practice bye babe love you


Tara: ok bye lou love you 

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