What happened?

Was it all nothing? Just a game? Well maybe you had fun. From friends, to love, to hate? What did I do? Why me? You won't ever understand how much it hurts. How much it affected me. You know what. I love you. I don't want to, I can't help it. And to believe I was once glad to call you mine, that was amazing. But the way you treated me? used me? broke me? I'm not a fucking toy. But the thing is, I would take you back, no hesitation needed. I want you to be mine and only mine Harry Styles.


2. beginning

I can hear him laughing behind me, oh how much I wanted to punch him in the face. How can someone be such an ignorant loser?  He had his group with him, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis and the devil himself Harry styles. I wiped the slimy yolk away from my face; I was going to give him a peace of my mind.

                                                                                          --- Ring ----

How can he be so lucky? Sorry I forgot to introduce myself my name’s Hollie, I go to ridgeway highscool.  This was a beginning to my first year at my new school, but I guess my past came along with it. I used to go to the same preschool as Harry; we use to be enemies because we just didn't get along he was popular and so was I. So one day I moved to America for my dad’s job, so I left England and all my past behind but I guess Harry will never forget about our childhood. At least I don’t have class with him, for my first period I have English. I walked into the class still smelling like eggs, there was only one seat and it was in front of a boy with curly hair he turned his head. It was Harry! Why can’t he just leave me alone and sit somewhere else, he had a smirk on his face. I walked down the aisle the teacher came bursting in the room pushing me as she walked past me; I fell right into Harry great. He pushed me “Ew get off me you rotten egg” the whole class busted into laughter, I was getting angrier by the minute “who would want to be on you anyways” I shouted back. “Find a seat miss.. What’s your name?” “Hollie green” “Find a seat before you get detention Miss Green” My face was bright red as a ripe cherry, I sat down. Harry was whispering to Niall I could hear him saying something then Niall moved to the desk Harry was sitting at, now I had a clear idea in my head what he said to Niall. Harry asked Niall to swap seats with him because apparently I smelled bad, the only reason I smelled so bad was because of him! I just want this horrible day to be over.

“Hey, remember me?” I turned around to see Niall smiling at me,

why is he talking to me? Isn't he part of Harry’s group?

I just turned to face the front again.

“I thought the kind thing to do is at least reply back Hollie”

“I'm sorry”

“Now you talk to me”

why is he talking to me, why can’t he just leave me alone?

1 Hours had pasted, it was such a hot day I could feel myself frying up. Finally the bell went for break, I ran out of the class and walked into the cafeteria I could see my old friends. They were much taller and skinnier, they all had blonde or brown hair with either blue or green eyes. I went up to Maddy my old best friend,


“uhm who are you?”

“Don’t you remember me? I’m Hollie”

“Oh Hollie, maybe next time you could freshen up a bit and your fashion sense is horrible”

“I'm sorry? What did you say”

“Please, do you want me to say it again”

I could feel my cheeks burning up, my old friends just walked straight past me there were all laughing. I sat by myself at lunch  no one offered me a seat, every table I went to said they were either saving the chair or put there bag on the chair. I was a loser with no friends; Niall came and sat next to me I was confused why didn't he go sit on the popular table with Harry? Why was he being so nice to me..?


“Hi Niall”

Why are you sitting by yourself, did you catch up with Maddy after all those years?”

“I guess I did but she was a complete bitch to me”

“Well I guess that’s Maddy for you, since you left she took your place. she’s been the popular girl ever since , Maddy and Harry ruling the school"

"I thought Maddy hated Harry?"

"It was all an act, all she wanted to do was be popular"

that bitch, after all those years but why is Niall being so nice to me.?

“Niall, I’m just wondering why are you so nice to me?”

“I guess I have missed you, even though we weren't that close I still think of you as a friend”

“Even though our friends don't get along, I did all those mean things to you guys?”

“Even though all those things happened”

I blushed “Thanks Niall, I didn't mean to do anything to hurt you by the way it was just to get at Harry”

“Its fine Hollie, I have to go Harry’s waiting for me sorry bye”

Maybe this day isn’t so bad? 

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