Back In My Heart

Harry forgets about this girl and she finds it annoying then he wants her back in his heart...


5. Stalking her

Harry's p.o.v

Once I realized I was stalking her, I got hold of her silky pebbled hands I held tightly onto her hands. I tried looking as serious as I can but It was far too hard! I pushed her chin up and made her stare into my eyes. Her soft hazel green eyes caught my eye. It was so beautiful. I kissed her light red lips and pressed little harder. She was trying to break free. I just held her tight . Once we stopped kissing, "Right. I'm so going to get you back for this you bitch! I need to wash my mouth because of you!" Ava said spitting on the floor. She looked so adorable whilst she was spitting on the floor. "I love you, Ava!" I shouted to her. "I hate you more!"She shouted at me. Bless her. I just went of.


Ava's P.O.V

I Cant just believe I kissed a Bitch. B.I.T.C.H! Bitch. Oh fuck I just remembered I left my lipstick at home... I'm Gonna look like a freak cuz of him. I went to class and took Ashley's seat. I just sat and started talking to Nathan who was imitating Miss Tables. "Nath, Remember Louis Tomlinson...?" I asked him. Harry Styles looked up at me as soon as I said that. He was texting someone on his phone. "Oh, My old best friend? Yeah I do." Replied Nathan. I just looked down at my real table and got up to my desk. I realized I had him on my BBM. I texted him saying 'Hey Harry Wassup??' And just took out my English books to start quickly finishing of my homework. I finished it and Miss Tables came in. I started daydreaming of Louis who used to be my neighbor. I had a crush on him, but he'd always have another girl. I used to stay up on my bed all day crying my eyes out. Whenever I think of that it upsets me. Beep Beep Beep my phone went. "Oh Ava! PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY!" She shouted at me which I decided to ignore. I read the reply which said "Who are you... And are you a fan..?" That just broke my heart. I got up from my seat whilst everyone was watching me and ran home. I was crying. I was also his best friend! I'd be someone different in front of him. I'd stand up for him all the time! I'd cry every minute I saw him kiss his girl. I would die for him every minute... I felt my eyes pour with buckets of tears. I stopped the car the minute I saw him. Bash Boom Bash. I blacked out. I was just in a car crash.


Harrys p.o.v

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