Back In My Heart

Harry forgets about this girl and she finds it annoying then he wants her back in his heart...


3. Kicked out of class

Ava's p.o.v


I felt so bored. I had to do something. I knew the class would be waiting for my funny actions. But I was somehow sometimes tempered. I couldn't help it half of the time. I started making sound effects into the class like "MISS I KNOW YOU LOVE MR JAYBEE!! I SAW YOU KISS HIM" Then I was like "Neeenoooneenooneenooneeenoo! I'm a racing car!!!! Broom Broom Vroom! " The whole class were laughing the heads of and some managed to work the knickers off. Well I hope he understands why I hate him so much. Okay... Let me tell you why I hate him so much reasons

1. He walked out on me 2. He left me 3. I never heard him say three simple words to me which were "I love you" 4. all I ever saw him with is Jayza (she's my old enemy) 5. He would never have time for me 6. He would only have time for Jayza 7. He would only tell me how much he hates me 8. He gave up 7 dates for Jayza 9. He listened to Jayza on banning me in his car 10. He was best friends with Jayza 11. He liked Jayza more than me 12. He kissed Jayza in front of me and denied it. And so much more! I guess I liked him for nothing... Well he was the one that had fell in love with me and it was only Nathan that would comfort me. Nathan hated Harry so much. I had 6 friends when I was in year 1-6 which were Ashley, Niall, Zayn, Liam, Louis, and Nathan. -half harry... It was now officially BREAK TIME.

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