Back In My Heart

Harry forgets about this girl and she finds it annoying then he wants her back in his heart...


2. First day at school

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"MUUUMM!!! THERES GOING TO BE A NEW GUY IN OUR CLASS! CALLED HARRY STYLES." I told mum. Oh yeah she wasn't here. I went upstairs and wore my pink and purple with grey pints high tops and then wore my shorts that would go up to my waist and a pair of light pink top that tucked in under my shorts. It was slightly type of summer.Anyway I got up and brushed my teeth I wasn't that hungry anyways so I knew my house would be a burning version of Antartica so I left my room window open. I then got up and hopped into my red mini cooper. Oh yea I forgot to tell you that I had new neighbors weird right? Anyway I put on one direction music and set of for school. I met Ashley -whom is my best friend- down the road and let her take a ride to school. I was in class 978 and she was in class 973. Just across my class. I parked my car and started a conversation. I felt guilty about not asking her about the new boy in our class so I decided to ask her more about how she felt. "I feel OK really. What 'bout ya?" She asked me. I didn't want to reply 'cuz I new I would always be wrong. I just shrugged my shoulders. I said "I don't know really 'cuz..."I stopped there and hit to my seat while she hopped to her class. "AVA WHY ARE YOU LATE? DETENTION!" fuck this teacher man she always gives me detention. The new boy came in and turned around. HIS VOICE, HIS FACE, HE WAS SO FAMILIAR! I new it couldn't be Harry from Ashtonlee Glassko primary, Queens Famous Seconday, Grammar school! AND OW KILLDON HIGHSCHOOL!? Fuck you gotta be kidding me!! "As I've said we gotta make people feel at home, we will. and I will make sure it happens. Ava you can help him around, and you Nathan move next to Geogia and Harry sit next to Ava." Miss Jundle said. My cheeks turned literally tomato red. "Ello Ava."He said to me. I quickly moved into the deep middle because I didn't want to sit next to him. "Sorry I ain't got no space next to me" I said. "Ava out of my class."yelled miss. "But I meen it miss! I'M fat! I need room for my...," she cut me off and shouted "NO BUTS OUT OF MY CLASS!" She shouted at me. Sometimes miss can take the piss outa me! 

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