Back In My Heart

Harry forgets about this girl and she finds it annoying then he wants her back in his heart...


4. First Break time In Lee's High School

Harrys P.O.V

I needed to ask Ava why she hated me so much. We used to be so close and tight now were a broken ladder. Anyway Miss said she would have to show me where everything was. I ran in to the toilets since it was just ahead of me and sent a message to Niall. I told him that everything was going SO bad. I also needed to tell Ava that I lived with Niall, Zayn, Louis, and Liam. And also that I was famous with them. I remember her. Oh shit! Niall has her number, saved but I think he forgot all about her. I hope he did 'cuz if she reliked me she would've been mine. All mine. I would've been selfish about her. I slapped myself and told myself to stop dreaming. I found her chewing bubble gum and texting on B.B.M. "I need to tell you som'in" I told her. When ever our eyes met I felt such sorrow in her eyes. But I didn't know why, I defiantly was gonna find out somehow. Maybe using Niall's phone... Or I'll pay him to call her over. $150 and that can go as higher as he likes it. She laughed which made me smile but I still had to try my best not to smile. She made me feel tall. I was like 13 cm's taller than her. But she defiantly had swag. She was wearing pink studs. And she ignored me the first time acting as if she didn't hear me. "Ava. I said I NEED TO TELL YOU SOMETHING!" I told her. She nodded with a smile on her face scanning through her black berry. I stopped walking and held her hands tightly. I needed the attention. The smile faded off her face and she stared at me. Her mouth open not attached. "HARRY LET GO OFF," I cut her off. I put my hand on her lips and she closed them. "What this better be quick!" She told me and I decided to nod cuz it was going to be quick. "I'm your neighbor! I know you won't believe me but I live with Zayn and Liam and Louis and Niall.... And I'm famous. I'm in a band called One direction!" I told her. Her jaws dropped. She looked at me and I felt such pain in her eyes. "As if I CARE!" she told me. But I know she seriously cared. She stormed off and tutted. I loved her attitude. Ava had a older sister called Angel but she had literally no attitude but respect. Ava was a bully to Angel sometimes and Angel acted like she had to obey Ava. I found that funny somehow because Angel is way older than her. Now Angel is a mum to a baby called Alicia and Tommy. She named Alicia after Ava cuz that was Ava's real unknown name which she told me when we were younger. Ava is beautiful to me cuz I just know it she's so beautiful. Ava's cousin is called Precious and she is so different to Ava. Infact Ava is so different to all her relatives which makes her unique. I used to call her Uni. Which was shorter for Unique. She was just ahead of me when I realised I was stalking her.

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