The Girl Next Door

Mia has just moved into a new apartment in London and her neighbor happens to be Liam Payne. She thinks she has fallen for his friend Niall, until Liam gets involved and things get complicated.
Niall or Liam? Niall or Liam?
Will she end up with one of them or none?
Will she be able to escape her past and have a chance at romance?
Or will she stay 'just The Girl Next Door...


49. ridiculously cheesy...

Harry's P.O.V 

As soon as I had received that text from Alex it came to me! The perfect way for Niall to make up with Mia. 

"Texting Alex?" Niall teases, winking at me across the room. 

"Maybe." I say back, grinning. 

"How is she?" Niall asks,
"The same she was a couple of hours ago when she was here?" He adds sarcastically. 

"She's great, she's hanging out with Mia." I tell him. 

Immediately his face changes and he looks strange, sort of, well, pained.

"I have an idea." I tell him, hoping to change his mood. He looks at me expectantly.  

"Alex told me something," I start, "That I think might help you win her back."

"Harry, thanks for trying mate but It's not about winning her back. It's her decision and theres nothing I can do to change how she feels, you said it yourself, If you love someone, let em go." He tells me sadly. 

"Just hear me out." I tell him. 

"Ok." He says, sitting down next to me, paying attention. 

"Well she said she wished her life was like an 80's movie." I tell him, "So in order to win her back you should do something ridiculously cheesy that would only happen in an 80's romantic comedy movie." I tell him. 

"So you suggest I stand outside her window playing guitar and throwing pebbles? Or holding up a boombox, or dragging her along with me on a lawnmower? Or lifting her above my head and re-enacting the scene from dirty dancing? It doesn't matter what I do, or what I say, all that matters is how she feels." He says, a sad look on his face. 

"Just think about it." I tell him. 

"Fine, I'll think about it." He says. "Look, I should probably go, It's time I went home." He says, standing up and walking towards the door. 

"Ok, Bye mate."

"Yeah Seeya." He says in reply and within seconds of me locking the door behind him I hear a knock and open it again. 

This time, standing there, looking gorgeous is Alex. 

I embrace her in a hug and spin her around, taking her by surprise.

"Harry!" She squeals between laughs. "Put me down!" 

I obey, and land us on the couch, her on top of me.

"Hello to you too." She says sarcastically, kissing me lightly on the mouth. 

"Hello." I says in return after pulling out of the kiss. 

"Shame you had to leave this morning," I whisper to her cheekily in an attempt at being sexy, "We could have had round two." 

She laughs at my comment and climbs off of me, going into the kitchen and getting a drink of water. I follow her as she says, "Yeah well we were being good friends." 

We then started talking about the Niall/Mia/Liam situation and shared information on what we knew about the subject. I then told her exactly what I had told Niall, about taking a chance with the 80's thing. 

I just hoped he listened. 

Because you never know, It could work. 

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