The Girl Next Door

Mia has just moved into a new apartment in London and her neighbor happens to be Liam Payne. She thinks she has fallen for his friend Niall, until Liam gets involved and things get complicated.
Niall or Liam? Niall or Liam?
Will she end up with one of them or none?
Will she be able to escape her past and have a chance at romance?
Or will she stay 'just The Girl Next Door...


17. resolutions and text messages..

Niall's P.O.V

Holy shit that was scary. She was mad. But at least she forgave me, I still don't know if this mean's she's my girlfriend or what but if it's between having her in my life or not, I'll definitely chose having her.

We were lying on her sofa, watching 'Keeping up with the Kardashians' and doing impressions of them, Mia did a fantastic Kim, I was pissing myself laughing. Not literally. 

I was sitting with my arm around her and she rested her head on my chest, it was as though we were pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, a first we are overlooked, but after some force, we finally connect. 

I decide to text Harry, and tell him we made up. (N = Niall H = Harry)

N = Hey Haz

H = Hey Nialler, wassup?

N = Made up with Mia :) :) :) 

H = :) YAY :) what about Liam tho?

N = all good, called him this morning, 

H= YAY :) :) :) 

N = Haha, so wuu2?

H = Nm, just chilling with Alex.

N = Ohhhhhhh.....which ones she? :P 

H = don't be a jerk,

N = Right sorry, who's Alex?

H = Alex is the girl I met at starbucks a few weeks ago.

N = so u sweetened up her coffee?

H = Oh god..

N = Jeez...I didn't mean it like that! 

H= haha :P nah seriously tho, she's great :)

N = that's great :) happy 4 u.

H = r u going 2 Liam's 2night?

N = ???

H = we're all going 2 hang out again, hopefully not as dramatic as last time :P

N = haha, i'll ask Mia, but yeah probz.

H = k, well me and Alex r gonna be there

I look up from my phone, 


'Yeah?' she replies, lifting her head.

'Do you want to hang out with the lads at Liam's apartment tonight, Harry's gonna bring some girl he met called Alex,"

She smiled mischievously, 'yeah sure'

she lent her head back on my chest and I replied to Harry.

N = yeah mate, we'll be there :)

H = cool, c u then :)


I love Niall's smile, welcome to the story.

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