The Girl Next Door

Mia has just moved into a new apartment in London and her neighbor happens to be Liam Payne. She thinks she has fallen for his friend Niall, until Liam gets involved and things get complicated.
Niall or Liam? Niall or Liam?
Will she end up with one of them or none?
Will she be able to escape her past and have a chance at romance?
Or will she stay 'just The Girl Next Door...


15. New Characters

Ok, first of all thank you for all your comments, I am really glad you all enjoy my story.

It was really hard to chose a new character but I have finally decided....

I love Niall's smile (Alex) will be the new character in this story and she will be Harry's girlfriend.

But reading Sparklegurl's comments gave me an idea for a new story, that I will be uploading soon called 'The place I once called home' and she will be Zayn's girlfriend in that. 

Thanks again for all your positive feedback,



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